Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bulletin Boards

TOF isn't always the best at communicating school happenings with us. I imagine this will get better as he gets a little older. I hope.

He shares some details with us. For example, Jaclyn has the same hair color as he does. A few of the kids mispronounce his teachers name. Nahgee is a bully on the after school bus. The important stuff.

The mundane things, the one we really want to hear, are shared in a newsletter at the end of the week. Thankfully, there is also an enclosed bulletin board outside his classroom for sharing this information.  The teacher makes sure to update it frequently during the week to include the books they've been reading, the letter of the week and a few pictures.

I've seen these enclosed bulletin boards scattered throughout the school.  Some are just basic enclosed cork bulletin boards, but I have seen the more elaborate enclosed fabric bulletin boards near the office.  These bulletin boards are very effective for displaying notes and announcements that you may have otherwise missed.

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