Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome to My Garden

I took pictures of my garden so that the boys and I could look back at them in January when we had 25 thousand million feet of snow and remember it's beauty.

I thought I'd share it here with you so that you could admire as well.

Last year I really didn't have time for gardening, with TC still being a needy infant.  And my flower beds really suffered.  I wish I had taken before pictures, they were so over grown with weeds. I never thought I'd ever finish pulling weeds.  Whynot and I spent a few weekends clearing weeds, digging fresh trenches and spreading new mulch.  Even muh strappin boys were a big help in the yard.  They helped pick out flowers, drove back and forth to the store with me to buy mulch, they helped move rocks and plant some of the flowers.

Our hard work has really paid off and now every time I look outside I smile.

As you're watching the slide show, I'd like to mention that the stones for the borders were gathered when the ground was broken at the new hospice several years back.  Sadly, once construction was complete, my dear MIL was one of the first occupants.  I think of her so often and it makes me feel good knowing her connection to those stones.  That beautiful petunia on the cover is from Proven Winners and IMO is the best swag I received last Saturday at the BBSummit11.  I purchase Proven Winners whenever I can, because they are hardier plants and do really well with little or no pampering.  The 10 gallon crock that holds the mandevilla on my front stoop is a garage sale find.  I paid a whopping $1 for it.  I love those kinds of garage sale finds!  The galvanized buckets I snatched from a neighbors garbage pile one day.  It's true what they say, "One woman's trash is another woman's treasure."

Enjoy the slideshow!

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We have one more project I'd like to conquer and that's a stone fire pit.  Well that and a shed, but Whynot is not too receptive of the shed idea.  Anyone want to come help me with it? 

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Meghan said...


That Janie Girl said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

I love the turned-over bucket! Fav.

Brandie said...

Love the bucket tipped shot. And your one purple hanging basket - huge! I'm so impressed! =)

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