Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Do Love Me Some Wall Tile

When we moved from our crowded 2 bedroom 900 square foot condo to our cozy home here on The Avenue, it was our intent to upgrade to something larger within a short time.  Here we are almost 18 years later and now, as empty nesters, there is really no point for us to move to something bigger.

I remember when we moved in how excited I was to be decorating my kitchen with wallpaper.  Well, now wallpaper is so 1993.  I would love to replace the wallpaper with a mosaic tile backsplash.

I just can't seem to make up my mind whether to use a metal mosaic wall tile that features a large brick pattern which can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on the effect I want to achieve.  Or, do I want to be a little more bold and choose glass mosaic tiles which are available in a limitless range of colors, hues, textures, shapes and thicknesses.

Oh the decisions!  What's your opinion?

Disclaimer:  This was a paid post.
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Susan said...

I'm having the same struggles with this decision, and I have no answer -- it is definitely between the two tho, as opposed to ceramic or tumbled. I wish there were tiles that did NOT require grouting, and would just stay UP on the wall with NO grout lines whatsoever!

That Janie Girl said...

I think the glass are c.l.a.s.s.y!!

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