Tuesday, July 19, 2011

affiliate network

Blue Global Media is an affiliate network that specializes in financial products like loans and credit reports.  An affiliate network makes it easy for website publishers of all sizes to connect with quality advertisers and earn more revenue.  Publishers can find top retail brands and get access to offers and promotions. So basically, an affiliate network acts as a mediator between publishers and merchant programs. It allows website publishers to easily find and participate in affiliate programs which are a good match for their website and allows websites offering affiliate programs to reach a larger audience by promoting their programs to all of the publishers participating in the network.

Website Publishers are generally able to join affiliate networks for free, whereas there is generally a fee for merchants to participate. Traditional affiliate networks might charge an initial setup fee and/or a recurring membership fee. It is also common for affiliate networks to charge merchants a percentage of the commissions paid to affiliates.

If you’re interesting in joining a payday affiliate program, Blue Global Media has the tools and expertise you need to maximize your earnings.  They specialize in payday loans and know what it takes to succeed.

Disclaimer:  This was a paid post.
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