Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Late Night Randomness

Welcome to Late Night Randomness, with your host Megryansmom! Guests today include...well there are no guests, because everyone in their right mind is sound asleep at 2:15 am. Everyone in their right mind being only the left handed folks. Because Whynot is left handed and he is...ASLEEP.  The dogs must be left handed too...because they are...ASLEEP!  Therefore I conclude that you are a) right handed or b) you are reading later in the day.

Now on with the randomness:


Right now I feel like I'm living that Twilight Zone episode where the world keeps getting hotter and hotter.

Costco or Sam's Club?

Speaking of which, do they offer those buffet lunches only on the weekends?  I was thinking of taking the boys later today.

Please accept my apologies for all the paid posts, the credit card bill for all the stuff I've been buying at Menard's is due this week.  If anyone is willing to throw cash my way, who am I to say no thank you?

I had a whole bunch of randomness in my head as I tossed and turned, some of it must have fallen out as I walked down the stairs.

Speaking of tossing and turning, why does Whynot's breathing sound so damn loud when I'm laying awake next to him?  It's not snoring, just loud obnoxious breathing.  The kind that before I was medicated would leave me with a strong desire to a) punch him in the ribs and/or b) cover his head with a pillow.

That same medication that takes away the urge to seriously hurt someone makes me have bat $hit crazy dreams.  For example, I had this dream the other night about giving birth to triplets...we named them Thomas and Olivia.  Did you catch that?  Two names for triplets.  Thomas and Olivia.  Someone has been watching too much kids' TV!

Seriously, where the heck is all that stuff that I was convinced would make a great blog post?

Now my friend Tracey, she's got a great blog post up today.  It's an inside look at what Mommy Bloggers really do at a conference. Go over there and check it out!

Disclaimer:  This was not a paid post.
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tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

I totally toned it down, too! I mean, I had some KINKY and DERANGED quotes I could have used, but went for a little more taste to honor Whitney...

Michelle said...

Not even looking at Tracey's post, I'm guessing this was Mr. Rooter?

I do love the dream of triplets with only two names. Good news is that I didn't put together the kids' shows names until you pointed it out. That is a good thing, right?

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