Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Morn

September, you forgot to check your attitude at the door. There's no room for it here so you best pack it up before it causes more problems.

You very rudely announced your arrival at 2 am this morning. Was it because I fell asleep a half hour before you got here? Is that it? You were pissed off that I didn't stay up to greet you and you had to make your presence known?

Seriously, you had to pick on a poor defenseless 11 pound puppy? Making her all itchy and scratchy so that her discomfort woke me up. Which in turn caused my mind to race with anxiety.

Even though she is on a preventative regimen that in all likelihood should make her glow in the dark, I couldn't help but think, oh God she has fleas! She has fleas and they are all over my house. We're all going to itch. Fleas lay 2 billion eggs a minute.

I had to jump out of bed and check poor Bella for those pesky fleas!


The poor dog thought I was nuts. I checked her belly and all four armpits.


In a dark kitchen!

I just gave her an oatmeal bath last week and she got her topical. The weeds are bad, it could be allergies. I considered giving her more benadryl. Maybe I should just give her the prednisone the vet prescribed, even though it makes her pee her cage and eat like there is no tomorrow.

My gawd why is it so hot in this house? What the hell is that thermostat set on?

It's 2:30 and it feels like 90 degrees in here.

No sense going upstairs to sleep, heat rises. Why is it so hot in this house!?!?!

At least it's cooler in the family room on the couch. But ugh this couch is not very comfy. I'll just check my email and Facebook.

It's 3:30, I need to get some sleep. Oh great now it's raining, no pouring. That's going to make for a lovely day! I need to sleep!

Back upstairs, I toss and turn for what seems like forever.

I must have fallen asleep at some point because the next thing I hear is Glitter Gurl and Parker in the kitchen. What the huh? What time is it?

It's 6 am...rise and shine. It's still raining. Great!

Why is it so hot in this house? What the hell is that thermostat set on?

Oh yeah, Bella, she doesn't have fleas. Just my overactive imagination getting the best of me.

And September, I know you just got here, but hurry along to the part of the month where fall arrives.
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Anonymous said...

Ya Sugar is on the prednisone too. I go in to ask the doctor for the August OMG I CAN'T STOP SCRATCHING meds lol Her appetite is VORACIOUS for a 14 year old doggie ;)

And why doesn't my name stay signed in any more :o/


DeeX said...

Fleas my ass... all sounds more like MENOPAUSE to me.

Jes checking in, to make sure life on the Avenue is still satus quo. And Suz...poor Sugar, a hearty appetite means she has to go outside more! She needs a dose of her puppy niece(s & or nephew?)to keep her moving!

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