Thursday, September 2, 2010

Entomology 101-Hexbug Nano

Suffering from sleep deprivation caused by another annoying bout of insomnia and anxiety, I needed to keep things low key here on The Avenue to preserve what tiny bit of sanity I still had left on a rainy morning.

I let the kids play on the floor with creepy crawly bugs, for THREE hours and I did nothing to stop them. I even joined them for a bit.

I'm not talking about your ordinary household variety, creepy, crawly bugs. Please, I may be crazy but I'm not neglectful.

The bugs we played with were HEXBUG Nano, tiny, collectible, 1-3/4" energetic micro robotic bugs that use the physics of vibration and robotic intelligence to skitter along and explore their environment on smooth surfaces.

Each HEXBUG Nano comes in a test tube and is assigned it's own unique serial number and point value system. Older kids or moms and dads can register their Nano at Hands and Stars and play games, learn about science, build their own virtual Nano, and see how other players are doing.

TOF tearing into the big box.

Cool accessories and rare mutant Nanos.

Although recommended for ages 3 and over, my friends needed help with the habitat assembly.

But assembly was easy for me and no nails were broken.

They played for THREE hours without fighting and based on that alone
I give Hexbug Nano two thumbs up. I'd even do cartwheels if I could.

Disclaimer: MomSelect sent me a huge box full of Hexbug Nano test tubes, habitat sets and enough extra pieces to bring sunshine on a rainy day.
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WeaselMomma said...

Okay, that actually looks kind of fun.

Akum said...

If it can keep the angels occupied for three then that stuff must be really amazing..

Unknown said...

that looks really cool-seeing fun toys like this almost make me wish mine were that young times

Cranberry Morning said...

Doesn't that look like fun! Anything that keeps kids involved and thinking is so much better than the old passive TV watching! :-)

Teena in Toronto said...

That looks like fun ... can I come play too ?

Terra Heck said...

My kids were sent the same thing. They had a small gathering with friends at the campground and it became an instant hit. Kids as young as 3 and as old as 16 were playing together with the Hexbug Nanos.

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