Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fragments-TV Version

Mommy's Idea

I love the the new fall TV season is finally here, it may be the only thing about fall that I love. But even with the DVR there just aren't enough hours in the day to watch all the shows I'd like to. So many conflicts and some nights there's just nothing to watch.

Monday night had me watching The Event and Hawaii Five O and taping Chase at another time as Whynot was watching football and baseball and the channel surfing makes for a confused DVR.

The Event could be what fills my LOST gap. Sort of a LOST Flash Forward combination. Lots of jumping, so I really have to pay attention. And Blair Underwood, well I've been a fan since LA Law! It leaves me wanting more and so I may be sucked in for another six years.

Tuesday night was NCIS, I wasn't a serious watcher in the past, but I've heard a lot of good things about it so I thought I'd check it out. Wow Mark Harmon is old. I know, so am I am, but still, he's old! I think I might add NCIS Los Angeles next week if I can fit it in. I watched Parenthood, what's not to love about this show? Almost makes my crazy life on The Avenue seem a little normal. Didn't watch Detroit 1-8-7, heard it was good, feeling like I missed something. I'll have to try to squeeze it in somehow. Have to make room for The Good Wife. Glad I'm not in Julianna Marguilles' shoes, that's a tough choice to make, Mr. Big who is sort of an arrogant jerk trying to mend his ways or a relationship with the boss. Hmm.

Wednesday's shows were all on the DVR. Two hour back to back Law and Order SVU, which I somehow managed to watch in the wrong order. DOH. Next week (I think) is the premiere of Law and Order Los Angeles. I also taped The Defenders. Thumbs down! It had potential, it was set in Vegas, I love anything Vegas. This show, not so much. Jim Belushi is not his brother. And he's old. And IMO very crass and unrefined. He's a funny guy, serious drama is not his thing. Sorry I missed Undercovers, it looked cute.

Thursday, ah the long awaited Thursday! Grey's and Private Practice. Love love love. But this week, a little disappointing. Not enough detail to bring us up to speed from last season. Is Maya fine now? And two weddings that almost weren't, too predictable. I taped CSI to watch later this weekend with Whynot, so hush, no spoilers.

Friday is a slow night for my must see TV, just CSI NY and I'm a little upset that CSI Miami has been moved to Sunday. Football will mess up the start time and the DVR won't pick up the whole episode. I should probable learn to Hulu and I wouldn't have that problem.

I don't have a water cooler at work, heck I don't even have coworkers, but I'm wondering what this season's much talked/twittered about show will be. What's on your viewing card this season?

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Anonymous said...

Living near Detroit, I had to watch Detroit 1-8-7 and I thought it was pretty good. I also watched Boardwalk Empire on HBO...holy cow! That one is really good...very intense. I love The Closer and Rizzoli and Isles on TNT...they just had their season finales and will be back in December. I was a die hard Law and order fan but I've not fallen in love with any of the spin-offs...still debating if I'm going to watch the new Los Angeles one. I'm looking forward to postseason baseball in October!!

Susan said...

We'll be tuning into the new Tom Selleck show on tonight. I'm hoping to like it, as there isn't much else on Fridays . . .

Watched both The Defenders and The whole Truth back and forth the other night, wished I'd known the Truth would be on tonight too. I like Abby from ER and the guy from Numbers and Northern Exposure. Defenders is prolly a future pass. Bob hates all lawyer shows, I don't get it lol

Terra Heck said...

My must-see show is House. Hugh Laurie is "old" but I still think he's the schniznick. Love his wit.

Cranberry Morning said...

I've been hearing about The Event, so I think I'll watch the pilot online this weekend and check it out. Other than that, I'm looking forward to Doc Martin (it is hilarious!!) and Masterpiece Theater. Love those gloomy British series, like Bleakhouse and Jane Eyre.

Closer to Lucy said...

Your DVR works hard!

Followed your link from Relax and Surf blogger! COngrats on your feature and thanks for the linky!

Following you now!

Carolee said...

LOL- about all I watch is Seinfeld reruns and American Pickers. Also love Ghost shows(ghost hunters, Tapps, etc...)

I'm late from Friday Fragments- have a great week! said...

I missed the last 5 minutes of The Event because the damn dvr cut off!!! Oh, the swearing!! What did I miss?!?

Dawn said...

I think we watch all of the same shows! LOL!

Plus, I watch Vampire Diaries and few other cable network shows.

Oh, and let's not forget Young & Restless! LOL!

I don't have time to blog, read blogs, comment, parent, clean house, shop, or anything else... I'm too busy watching TV! LOL!

Michelle said...

I actually didn't realize the new seasons of anything had started - and since I hadn't managed to turn on the tv in a long time, I didn't realize I had some fun surprises waiting for me. So with you on Grey's and Private Practice (which I watched tonight). They may drop off my reading list.

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