Monday, August 30, 2010

Webkinz Jr. Back to School Party

Thanks to MomSelect and Ganz I recently had the pleasure of hosting a Webkinz Jr. party here on The Avenue. Each Webkinz Jr. comes with a special Internet code so your child can interact with it online at a website designed especially for your 3-6 year olds. The code lets you enter Webkinz World and bring your pet to life by giving it a name, making it a home and even playing games. You can adjust the learning levels as your child progresses/ages and there is no reading required.

So attentive, watching the demo DVD.

The girls colored quietly inside, listening to the cool Webkinz Jr. CD. The boys played outside probably making mud pies, digging for worms, while trying to belch the loudest.

Then it was time to introduce everyone to their new Webkinz Jr pets.

Each bag contained a Webkinz Jr. pet, a Webkinz Jr. CD, a Webkinz Jr. coloring book, sticker sheets info pamphlets, and some code cards for the website.

I'd have to say the above picture translates into THUMBS UP for Webkinz Jr.

Do you have a child that would enjoy playing at Webkinz World? The first TWENTY readers to leave me a comment below will win a unique trial code to enter the website.

Disclaimer: MomSelect and Ganz supplied the swag bags for every child. As a result, we provided our own smiles and hugs.
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Unknown said...

My kids LOVE Webkinz and my youngest recently got her first Webkinz Jr. (they have probably 45 regular Webkinz between the three of them!). I love the Jr's for my 5 year old - so much easier for her to navigate. You can save the code for someone who hasn't tried it before...unless it is something cool that she would like - haha! Just wanted to give you my thumbs up for it too. The party looked awesome!

Kaci said...

Elly adores Webkinz! How fun!!

Unknown said...

oh rita webkinz are so cool-I LOVE playing the games-yes i own a webkinz or twenty =) ! and your photos are fab!

Michelle said...

Awwww what a fun party! We love Webkinz, but I still have to do a lot of the website playing, which ... isn't the worst thing in the world, I suppose! :)

LongIslandMomx2 said...

My kids love Webkinz!! I would love a free trial code! Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

That looks fun!

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