Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creating a Happy Balance

I had such high hopes of getting more organized and ridding my home of clutter this summer. But now, as the time for back to school rapidly approaches, I’m not any closer to achieving that goal than I was back in early June. I found myself standing in a room or in the garage, looking around dumbfounded, not knowing where to start. Exasperated, I would just walk away before I started to cry.

Sure, I’ve rearranged a few kitchen cabinets and thinned out the coffee mugs. But short of moving my sewing machine into it and adding a crib to accommodate daycare for my grandsons, my son’s room remains a quasi shrine and he left home seven years ago. My daughter’s once bright and cheerful room has sadly become a catchall for anything that I’ve tired of seeing lying around in other areas of the house and the two car garage has barely enough room for one car now. Fortunately, or maybe not, we don’t have a basement or I’d fill that from floor to ceiling also.

Read more about how I overcame clutter with the help of Simone Targo, of Aligned Inside at my debut post on The Chicago Moms here.

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Teena in Toronto said...

That's been my goal this summer too.

Happy blogoversary :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations. I got as far as bagging it all up but never went and dropped it off :( Good job following through!

Lola said...

I've been slowly tackling things 1 room at a time. First it was my bedroom, which included assembling the mother of all computer armoires. Then it was my daughter's room (yes, she still does have Pepto Bismol pink carpet after all!) And last week it was my dining room, and the kitchen pantry (which is usually shot to heck 5 minutes after I organize it.) We actually ate dinner in the dining room!

Paige said...

I on ly get as far as making a list. Im goin g to die under a mountain of stuff

Cranberry Morning said...

Love that cartoon. :-)

We finally have a garage. Now I can have a garage sale, but I hate the idea of dragging out all my stuff then after the sale, dragging it all back inside! I've finally talked my 21 year old son and his girlfriend into running one for me, then whatever is left - taking it somewhere, anywhere and giving it away! So there is hope.

Michelle said...

I think there's a lot of that going on around here. I'm busy working through my clutter, but I know I won't be done before school starts.

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