Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Perimenopause Strikes Again!

My mind is like a steel trap.

Just the other day I was telling Whynot about....hmmm what was I telling him about?

Oh never mind, it'll come to me.

Lately, with the help of Facebook, I've reconnected with people from my past and I remember certain stories about them very vividly.

Oh yeah, so there was this reunion of people from my old neighborhood. I didn't go, but I saw pictures and I recognized quite a few of the faces. Thirty some years later, surprisingly, they looked the same. Just older.

There was this girl in one of the pictures and she seemed strangely familiar to me. Turns out we worked together at the neighborhood bank. She still looked the same! Last time I saw her she was dating so and so, she was pregnant and then I quit to go work at the competition across the street and lost track of her. She's now married to a former friend of my ex-husband.

What a small world!

What I can't remember is if HE was the same guy she was dating back then. He may have been. He may not. I CANNOT remember!

Oh look another face I know!

Whynot, do see that man?

He was a little boy that went to my grade school. A boy younger than me that I had only seen in passing at school. Pretty much a total stranger.

One of our school fundraisers was to sell Worlds Finest Chocolate and after I had just carried my seventy eleven cases home all by myself, my mother spots him through the window struggling with his TWO cases. Herry op! Pooch you shoes on, we gowhen help him, he sue-ch a lit loo boy. And off we went to help this little boy carry his candy all the way home.

I'm sure he doesn't remember that story. I hope he doesn't remember that story. My mother was always good for crazy shit like that.

MRM, how do you remember that stuff?

I have no idea Whynot, I see a face and the corresponding story just pops into my head!

Did you call the cemetery so they can fix my parents headstones?


THAT was the sound of my palm slapping my forehead.

So much for that steel trap.

Damn hormones!

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Debz said...

I'm the same way about remembering things. Especially the really unnecessary and useless things.

What do I do if I'm all 7 of those dwarfs all at once? Should I notify someone? Cause I feel it coming on...

Teena in Toronto said...

I recently found a ton of cousins on Facebook.

Menopause isn't a lot of fun :(

Michelle said...

So much fun to find people on FB, isn't it?

And those mom stories? I LOVE them. We've got more than our fair share, too :)

Show Me Mama said...

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