Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For the Sake of Science

We and by we I actually mean TOF. We conducted a simple messy scientific experiment here on The Avenue today.

Hypothesis: Can baby powder travel faster than the speed of light?

Equipment: One 4 year old boy with an active imagination, one container of Johnson and Johnson's Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder, one playroom approximately 20' x 15'

Procedure: Mema must leave the room just long enough to run upstairs to get TC out of his crib and coo and guffaw good morning at him.

Safety/Risks: Where do I even begin!?!?!?!?!

Results: Disastrous! Imagine walking down the stairs and smelling a strong and yet very familiar smell. Looking up to see the room encased in white smoke clouds. Doing a quick scan of the room and noticing baby powder six feet deep covering every square inch of said room. Every toy, every book, every surface. Feeling your blood pressure rising. 130/80, 145/92, 168/98, 3892/574!

Discussion: Why, for the love of God why?!!?!?!?!

Conclusion: Inconclusive. I'm not sure that baby powder can travel faster than the speed of light, however I do know that baby powder in the hands of a 4 year old can travel faster than a Mema up and down a flight of stairs. I also know that it takes much longer to clean the baby powder out of every flippin nook and cranny in the above mentioned playroom than it did to create the mess in the first place.

Now someone please pass me some Benicar before I have a stroke!
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Akum said...

LOl! THat boy is fast! Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Makes my nose itch to think about!! aaaachoooo! But I am still laughing ;)

Gill said...

Priceless. I hope you took a photo!! Bless aren't kids great? hehe. Mine did the same once. I felt the same as you. Hugs!

Leah said...

OH NO!!!!!! and LOL. I love the creative and hilarious way you blogged about the story. I definately hope there are pictures. I've had to clean up baby powder off the front of a dresser and a good bit of carpet, but thankfully never off toys and books, etc. That's probably a job you'll be doing forever. Five years from now, a sweet little grand"baby" will climb into your lap and want you to read a book that's been laying on the shelf unread, and you'll open the cover to a waft of powder. *grin* At least the room smells extra nice now???? LOL

DeeX said...


Michelle said...

Oh I am so glad that we've never EVER had baby powder in the house. I've heard so many stories like this (ditto with Vaseline), and I know we'd end up in the same boat. Yikes, you poor thing.

So ummmm what's Benicar?

WeaselMomma said...

My sister and I got into baby powder in my parents bedroom when we were very young. The remnants of it and a white film still covered the hard wood floors 20 years later when my parents sold that house. =)

Unknown said...

LOL...oh my goodness!!!

Lisa Noel said...

OMG!! I don't know how we escaped these sort of antics with our first two, but I'm knocking on wood since we still have one left to make it through!!!!!

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