Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mish Mosh

Before I forget, iMommy asked for directions for the taggie ball I made a few posts back. Here's a link for that. Not the same link I used, because I forgot to bookmark, but the directions are almost the same, however, the pattern for the pieces seems a little narrow, so I would fatten it up a bit in the center. Just draw it a tad wider towards the center. This was super easy to make and only took about a 1/2 hour from start to finish. I used the noise maker from an old rattle inside my ball. Just a suggestion.

Three Bay B Chicks have done it again! First Wenda, now Chick Chat. Go check it out and be sure to visit all 5 blogs participating today. There's even a Twitter party at nap time, that I'm going to try my best to attend. You'll never get me to Vlog, I'm scary IRL. Make a note of that Dana.

Finally, another home remodeling project that Whynot and I survived practically unscathed. The fake walk in closet in our bedroom. It's small and awkward and has a window. The back wall measures 52 1/2 inches, I know because I measured TWICE like any good wannabe carpenter, and it's about 9 feet long. I didn't measure that, just eyeballed it. I'm non union. The builder was on crack or something because the walk-in-sideways closet has a window, but the bathroom doesn't.

Surprisingly this monumental project only took the better part of a Sunday. Including time spent driving to Menard's for supplies and the McDonald's drive thru for 2 double Filet of Fish and large fries.

We emptied, sorted and THREW AWAY! How liberating. We PAINTED! This was huge, our last painting party still pisses me off. Whynot I love you, but your painting skills suck. MWAH. At some point Glitter Gurl called to ask what we were doing. Whynot answered and told her we were painting. Her response....."Oh Gawd! Let HER do the ceiling or you'll never hear the end of it" That's my girl!

Crap the extra credit assignment....I promised a giveaway. Oops. Look for a winner on Monday. Gotta run, both phones are ringing and TOF is HAWNGRY again! Question: How much can a 3 yr old eat before he explodes?

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Leah said...

good job on the closet stuff. I have to laugh there's a window in your closet and not your bathroom?? LOL!!! crazy!

Sorry I've been MIA, for what, weeks now? (seems like anyway). I can't seem to learn to say NO and my time is never own anymore...

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

Thanks for the link! And WOOT! A clean closet always makes me so happy.

Kathy B! said...

You rock! Nice work on the closet (and keeping DH away from the paint!). The only DIY projects I'm allowed to do involve demolition -- no matter what I intended to do stuff is demlished when I'm through :)

It was fun tweeting with you today!

jill jill bo bill said...

I love it when my closet is clean. Then I gripe because I always get rid of things I need like 4 months later.

Laura Marchant said...

lol, my sister's house is the same way! The closet has a window and before she got blinds you could see all her clothes hanging up but the bathroom right next door doesn't have a window. How goofy that is!

Anonymous said...

A bathroom needs a window, but you will be glad there's one in your closet. With those clothes stuffed so close to each other, a window will prevent that claustrophobic feeling and allow circulation.

I've had a cleaning of the closet frenzy. It's the time of year when we're leaving a season we hate, and we want to DISCARD DISCARD DISCARD all memories of it!!!

And your closets remind me: Those of us who live in the 100degree weather AND the -5 degree weather, have to have SO DAMN MANY DIFFERENT clothes. And winter clothes are SO BIG!!!

Lola said...

Window in a closet? I got you beat. My old house had a window that extended BELOW the bathtub in the bathroom. In order to not rot the window frame and sill I had to install an additional shower rod and hang a clear shower curtain. (It was a 2nd floor bathroom and I still wanted the light from the window.)

Good job on the closet organization, but I didn't notice a before photo. lol!

Mozi Esme said...

Way to go on the closet makeover!

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