Friday, November 14, 2008

Ungrateful Hag

Yup, that would be me. Bowing my head in shame. I should probably repeat all of this in Georgie's Confessional later too. With my sincerest belated apologies, I have some super bloggers to mention today.

While perusing the internet, I like that word, it makes me feel like I'm being productive while I sit here reading blogs and eating bon bons all day long. Sorry, I was distracted, a few weeks back, while web surfing I stumbled upon and entered a few contests. I love me a good contest, especially one where I AM THE WINNER!

Peggy S. Vincent, Owner/Designer of Comfy Cozy, Inc emailed me almost a month ago, (again I profusely apologize Peggy) with the news of my good fortune. I was the winner of this awesome prize. She was even so kind as to personalize the pillowcase for one of my little friends, who is celebrating a birthday soon. Thank you Peggy, she's going to love it, I love it. It will surely bring many nights of sweet dreams. Peggy is having a SALE thru Dec 5th, these pillowcases are 50% off. Before you say a "PILLOWCASE", be creative, use it as wrapping for other gifts, that's what I plan on doing. It's personalized, so everyone knows who it's for, save on a gift tag. Tie it off with a hair bow for a girl and you're all set.

Did I say HAIR BOW? Well, well, I certainly did. Somebody slap me, I almost feel like a bad infomercial. Sorry. Perhaps you've noticed the I heart Bowheads logo I've been sporting. Holly participated in the Bloggy Carnival a few weeks back and offered her hair bows to contestants who linked back to her. Count me in for a freebie, FREE, SALE and FOOD are in my top 100 favorite four letter words. Thank you Holly, I'm giving the pink and brown little princess bow to the same little girl and she's going to be thrilled!

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travel girl said...

Thanks for the tip on the pillowcases. Awesome idea.

I have never been the first one to leave a comment on any blog I read.

I feel like I won today:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the GREAT review! I'm delighted that you like my Glow in the Dark Pillowcase and really hope the birthday girl does too. I love the idea of using the pillowcase as packaging...why didn't I ever think of that selling feature?? Better go add that to my web site LOL

I appreciate it and hope your followers take advantage of our sale!!

Take care!

Leah said...

congrats on your winnings! very cool!!!

The Happy Mom said...

Wow that's really cool that you won. I enter blog giveaways all the time and I have yet to win one! Oh well, hopefully my day will come! :)

jill jill bo bill said...

You are not ungrateful.

Or a hag. I was wanting you to sweat it out, because I am mean like that! I love you, MRM!!!

Kaci said...

Oooo congrats!! :)

Tulsi said...

I love your skilled wordage. My youngest daughter has used big words since birth. She must have come with them because we don't usually say what she does. Since birth she has ENJOYED things. Not just LIKE them. She even came up with bodacious yesterday. Speaking of herself, of course.

everyday mom of one said...

Hey thanks for visiting my site and chearing me up!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm on my way to check out her site - thanks for sharing it - great review

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