Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dot & Ziggy at Chicago Children’s Theatre

Founded in 2005, Chicago Children’s Theatre already has valuable experience reaching out to an under served youth audience – children on the autism spectrum – through the creation and continued success of its Red Kite Project.
Created by Linda Hartzell, Mark Perry, and Seattle Children’s Theatre, Dot & Ziggy reinvents the use of non-traditional theatrical techniques to create a fully immersive storytelling experience for a brand new audience – babies and toddlers and their parents who crave a fresh, fun new play experience.  In this engaging story about a ladybug and a skunk, two very different creatures realize they actually have quite a bit in common. Children from 6 months to 4 years and their parents are encouraged to sit together on the floor while two actors, a musician and puppets lead the audience on a stimulating interactive journey exploring color, size and distance. And of course, given the nature of the audience, sitting is optional.

More than just a fun, new parent/child communal play experience, parents can actually feel good about taking their wee ones to Dot & Ziggy. Early childhood arts programs are known to promote vocalization and motor skills, increase awareness of and responsiveness to movement and sound, encourage vocabulary growth, develop socialization skills, gain recognition of new aspects in the environment and stimulate the innate sense of discovery. Moreover, many studies have proven exposure to and participation in the arts at a young age is the strongest predictor of arts involvement as an adult (NEA Research Report–“Effects of Arts Education on Participation in the Arts” Louis Bergonzi and Julia Smith, 1996.)

After the show, parents and tots are welcome to stay for story time, which boasts a delightful oversized book that reinforces the Dot & Ziggy experience.

Use the following codes to save on tickets, normally priced at $16 on weekdays and $18 on weekends:

MOMOPEN 50% off of tickets through May 15th
MOMDZ $2 off tickets throughout the run 

Dot & Ziggy runs May 9th – June 26th at the Victory Gardens Biograph Theatre, 2433 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.  Parking is available for $6 at Children's Memorial Hospital located at 2316 N. Lincoln, 1/2-block south of Fullerton. This special discounted rate is authorized with your ticket stub.

Disclaimer:  My family was given tickets to attend an upcoming performance of Dot & Ziggy through MomImpact.  I received no other compensation.

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Anonymous said...

Your blogging energy exhausts me. *sigh*

Irene said...

Thanks for posting about the show. I was looking for reviews before taking my daughter and I appreciate you blogging and posting a discount. Thanks for all the great info. I wanted to clarify for your readers this section of what's written:

"Parking is available for $6 at Children's Memorial Hospital located at 2316 N. Lincoln, 1/2-block south of Fullerton. This special discounted rate is authorized with your ticket stub." - the validation is only valid after FIVE PM on weekdays - not sure the weekend schedule. I just paid $16 in parking, which I may add to those that are going, is not the greatest - your car may end up being valeted if you are coming in for a weekday morning show - and it may take 15 minutes to park, and another 15 minutes to get your car. Not sure if the 30 min of parking time in this particular garage is worth seeing a short show like this with a child. Also, the theater adds a $3.50 fee per ticket and then a $3 overall historical restoration fee. So, a show for a mom and a 2 year-old, even with a discount, is $44 if you park at this garage :-).

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