Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Beans Cafe

I promised you pictures and dang it you shall have pictures.  But my pictures are awful.  My camera phone sucks.  My phone sucks.  Maybe it's me.  Maybe I'm just not techie enough to use the darn thing the right way.  Nah I'd rather think my phone sucks.  AT&T acquired T-Mobile, so maybe my phone suckage problems will end soon.  iPhone come to mama.

The boys had the most wonderful time at Little Beans Cafe!

The place is absolutely darling!  I want one in my neck of the woods.

The play space is a little village for kids.  There's a mini service station, grocery store, firehouse, and playhouse. 

I think TC loved the firehouse best.  He climbed up the ladder and worked his way through the maze to the slide over and over again so many time I lost count.  It wasn't until much later that he noticed the play building was on fire.  A pretend fire on the roof of the building!  His limited vocabulary had him repeating uh oh, uh oh and he was touching the siding to feel for heat.  I tell you that boy is a genius!

Just look how dapper big brother TOF is in his fireman suit.

The grocery store had all sorts of fun stuff inside.  A cash register with loads of moolah, a telephone, shelves filled with healthy choices, baskets of fresh plastic produce and miniature grocery carts to push around. I even noticed an ATM machine on the outside wall.

The playhouse was every girl (and boy's) dream come true, with a pretend kitchen, a table for tea parties and  a working mini baby grand piano.

The service station had ride on toys parked outside, a gas pump for fueling up and a workbench complete with tools.

There was a room in the back for classes, but during down time they set up a battery powered ride on Thomas Railroad for the kids to enjoy.  Adjacent to this room is another room for the adults to hang out and relax on comfy couches and chairs with a TV.

There is plenty of open space for books and puzzles and a Crawlers Only soft play area as well.  Several tables were set up for the adults to watch their kids in the play area as well as the dining area of the cafe, which was separated by a glass wall and doors.

Although I repeatedly asked TOF if he'd like to have a snack he was too busy playing to stop and eat.  The cafe menu does however include yummy choices for even the most picky eaters and specialty coffees and teas for the adults.

The attention to detail was amazing in this play space and I had just as much fun as the boys did.  Oh, and I loved that we had to remove our shoes at the door.  Socks only in this kid zone.  We spent almost three hours exploring and I never heard TOF utter I'm bored.  He begged to come back another time and we most certainly will.

Disclaimer:  Although I was invited to a media event held at Little Beans Cafe I was unable to attend at the time.  I paid for the boys admission myself through a super deal at KGB Deals and all opinions are my own.

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Unknown said...

Now. If my sons would only provide me with Grandchildren - so that I might take them there to have some fun. Them. Not me.

Lisa Noel said...

it looks like so much fun. wish we had something like that up my way

Cranberry Morning said...

What a fantastic place! What kid wouldn't enjoy it??

Akum said...

So adorable... The pictures are just perfect.

Unknown said...

I've been hearing about this place. Looks like I'll have to drive into town soon to check it out! They looked like they really enjoyed themselves.

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