Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Better Than Cannonball Run

 Part One

If anyone has ever driven with me, they know that getting there is part of the adventure.  In my defense, let me just clarify, I'm a good driver, I'm a careful driver.  I just don't always know the best route to get places.

On Saturday, Whynot and Augie Dawgs were heading to the Cubs' game, Durwood was working a double and that left me to amuse the boys.  Augie Dawgs remembered that a couple months back I purchased some passes for Little Beans Cafe on KGB Deals and suggested that we all drive in together, drop her and Whynot off at ball and then I would head over to the cafe with the boys.  Sounded like a perfect plan to me.

We got to Wrigley Field about 11:30ish. I can't believe Whynot agreed to such a late arrival time.  I dropped them off about a block north of Addison and a block west of Clark.  Yeah sorry, I'm not so good at actually looking at the street signs.  I headed to Clark St and proceeded south.  Did you know that Clark St runs on angle?  Yeah me neither.  I probably should have turned right onto Sheffield and headed towards Fullerton.  But I kept on driving south on Clark. 

Why yes, we do own a GPS, it was left safely on the kitchen counter.

My phone?  Of course it has GPS.  No clue why I didn't use it.  It's how I roll.

You'd never guess I lived in the city for the first 19 years of my life.  I hate driving in the city.  It's so hustily and bustily!  Those are to words, I said so! 

All those cars.  Beeping their horns, making right turns from the left lane, deciding not to turn left and going straight from the left lane, running yellows.  And the crazy cab drivers!  It's scary stuff!

We finally arrived unscathed at our destination.  Thank God there was a parking lot as my parallel parking skills are not so hot anymore.  Back in the day I was AWESOME at parallel parking and backing into our tiny one car garage in a very narrow alley.  Now, well, if you don't use it, you lose it applies to lots of stuff.

Coming Soon!  Part Two - The fun stuff with pictures.
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Dawn said...

Oh, NO! LOL!

I'm laughing because I'm the very same way. I even have a GPS on my car and a phone but I have no clue how to read maps or work the GPS. I've only been told a half-dozen twenty times.

I recently drove down a very busy street in Tulsa in the wrong direction. Scary. I really feel like I'm getting old. LOL!

Glad you made it there safely. =)

Melisa Wells said...

Hustily and bustily! hahahaha

I hope you made it home! (oh, wait...)

Unknown said...

I await Part 2 with bated (or is it baited?) breath.

p.s. It's a joke. And a poor one at that.

Lisa Noel said...

Well since you made it back to a computer to write this I can assume you arrived home safely which is a happy ending. But you are way braver than I am for even attempting it!! :)

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