Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pajama Jeans

Oh hi!

I've remodeled.  You likey? Well I didn't remodel, I picked the colors and had my friend Marilyn move all the furniture and tear out the carpeting and paint. 

What?  You expected me to do it all?  Paleese, it's January 15th and my naked Christmas tree still stands in the corner of my family room.

Seriously, do you like the new look?  Is it neat and crisp?  The font, is it too small?  Does it look like a million bucks?  Because I need a million bucks about now and a sleep aid!  Check out that time stamp below.  3:12 AM on a Saturday.  What is wrong with me?

So in my insomniatic stupor I usually find my best blog fodder.  Spell check is telling me insomniatic is spelled wrong.  Google is telling me it is not.  Google trumps spell check.

Arghhh, I babble when sleep deprived.  Not entirely correct.  I babble at other times too.

On to my topic...pajama jeans.

The other day Glitter Gurl's facebook status read pajama jeans...seriously, what next?

So of course I had to Google pajama jeans.

Ohmyhell.  I'm in love!  I live in sweats all winter.  Well, mostly in the house, but I have been known to wear them to Walmart in the hopes of being included in the People of Walmart photos some day.  Pajama jeans would be awesome!  I could look all pulled together.  Stylish, Sexy and Comfortable. 

They look like boot cut jeans, with brass rivets and contrast stitching.  No zippers or buttons and they'll even throw in a free bonus grey crew neck t-shirt, for only $39.95 plus shipping.

I'm sold!

Looking for my credit card, checking sizing.  What's this?  Inseam length 31 inches, all sizes.

WTF!  I'm 5'8" in slippers on a good day. 31 inches are almost capris!  I'm so disappointed now.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post, nor a SNL spoof.  I wasn't paid, sent free pajama jeans or nuthin, but I'm totally open to sponsored posts, free stuff and being paid. 
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Melisa Wells said...

Love the new look! It IS neat and crisp! In fact, this might be the neatest and most crisp blog I've seen in a while. :)

Pajama jeans? Oy vey.

Cranberry Morning said...

How funny. I just did a makeover of my blog too. Got tired of looking at snow out my window AND snow on my blog! Like your new look. :-)

Those pajama jeans would make great travel pants, especially nice for a long flight.

WeaselMomma said...

Really, you are better off without pajama jeans. That is unless you are ready to give up any illusion of youth and sexy in your life and therefore prepared to through your teeth into a glass on your nightstand before you go to sleep in your hairnet to protect your newly blue doo.

You are too young and beautiful for to stoop to pajama jeans, you sexy thing.

Tiffany said...

I totally invented those!!!! I swear I came up with that idea and then 2 days later I saw an ad for them. Dammit!! I was at work in my uncomfortable work clothes and I told me bff that I wish I could work in my jammies. Then I said oooh I should make jammies that look like jeans. Why couldn't I have thought of this sooner???

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