Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chicago Wolves

Being part of a family of sports enthusiasts, I often have to suck it up and smile or leave the room during the countless hours of televised sporting events. But live sporting events, well, that is a completely different story. The electricity of being there, up close and personal, suddenly makes the mundane very exciting.

Saturday night we made the trek from J-Town to the Allstate Arena, in a two car caravan, to watch the Chicago Wolves vs the Hamilton Bulldogs.

But the fun began well before the actual hockey game. Every Saturday night, beginning at 5 pm, the Chicago Wolves host a free Fun Fest in the Skyline Room. There was music, games, face painting, and big screen TVs (so Whynot wouldn't miss a single minute of a college football game). Skates, the team mascot even made his way around the room greeting fans. TOF is not much into costumed characters, but he was extremely disappointed that he didn't get a picture with the Wolf Pack.

After the Fun Fest we quickly headed across the street to our seats for the Fireworks Show!

This blurry image is none other than Wayne Messmer!

Rare photographic evidence that Durwood does indeed exist ;)
and TC stuffing his face as usual. Also make note of Whynot checking
College football scores, grrrrrr.

Finally, after each Saturday game, as the players depart their locker room they stopped to sign autographs for waiting fans.

Starting at only $63 for a Chicago Wolves Fan 4 Pack is a great way to bring your friends or family to a Wolves game and save money while doing so! In addition to four tickets for an exciting Wolves Hockey game, all Fan 4 Packs include four (4) hot dogs and four (4) medium sodas.

My family and I were invited to the Chicago Wolves Social Media and Family Blogger night. I received no monetary compensation and the opinions are my own.
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That Janie Girl said...

Looks like a fun night!

Lola said...

It was a fun night until my kids got bored. They aren't really into hockey I guess.

Cher said...

It was great to see you! Hope you enjoyed all the cookies!

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