Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Someday My Prince Will Come....

A Prince! Ahhhh. For my little friends he came in the form of the UPS driver on Monday morning. They always get so excited to see his brown truck stop in front of the house and today was no different when he delivered a very special and very exciting surprise for them.

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy compliments of One2One Network.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Diamond Edition includes a Blu-ray disc and a DVD in one package! For those of you not familiar with Blu-ray, it's simply a better format to watch a movie on. The picture is clearer, the sound is better and more elements, such as behind the scenes extra footage and games, can be put on the more scratch resistant and kid proof discs.

Not only will you get the classic tale of Snow White in this 2-disc special, it comes with plenty of extras:

* First time ever in High Definition 7.1 sound
* All new music video by Tiffany Thornton
* Disneyview – Expanded viewing experience
* Disney Family Play – What Do You See? and Jewel Jumble interactive games for everyone to enjoy
* Backstage Disney – go behind the scenes of this legendary tale
* Classic Bonus features include Dopey’s Wild Mine Ride Game, Karaoke Sing A Long, "The Princess and the Frog" sneak peak and so much more

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Diamond Edition promises to set a new standard in home entertainment. For anyone planning on purchasing the Snow White DVD & Blu-ray Combo Pack, here is a 10.00 off coupon. Also, a 5.00 rebate by mail is available if you purchase one participating Hefty Plate, Easy Grip Cup or Baggies product. Combined with a sale this could make a very inexpensive DVD perfect for holiday gift giving.

P.S. For me, MY Prince came about an hour later bearing a nice hot cup of Dunkin Donuts decaf with extra cream and all was good on The Avenue for at least 84 minutes.

In addition to the dvd I received from One2One Network, this blog post makes me eligible to win one of six gift cards they are giving away.

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Unknown said...

I loved the part when your prince brought you Dunkin Donuts decaf.

I loved Snow White when I was a kid!

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