Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holey Moley!

Today's post is dedicated to Michelle from Honest and Truly because this happened to her too. And I laughed, and then told Whynot, lookie what happened over here, we needed to do something before that happened to us.

And...we put it off and all was well on The Avenue. Until Monday morning, when my friend Danielle was pulling out of our driveway. At best I am assuming the net part was caught in her van door. The basket was down all the way so TOF could play basketball and as she backed up she took the pole with her. Luckily it DID NOT fall on her car and we won't be part of some huge lawsuit.

TOF was just arriving to catch the school bus and he saw the pole fall. His first comment was, "that didn't look good." Then he walked over to Danielle and mumbled something about her doing a bad thing.

Luckily, Durwood was home this morning and ran right over with some sort of grinder to remove the part of the pole that remained in the ground.

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Cajoh said...

Oh my, I never thought such things happened. Will you have to get a new pole, or will you just weld it back on?

Leah said...


Michelle said...

Oh sure laugh at me. (Ok, my husband) No fair that it didn't damage a car though!

That Janie Girl said...

Yikes! I bet that was a shock!!

Unknown said...

we dont have an inground bball pole but the free standing one and well the base has been ran over more times than I can count...

I did not laugh at your or Michelles misfortune with bball nets/poles okay i laughed a lil

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