Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Month Old

Baby turned ONE month old on Thursday, which happened to be Glitter Gurl's 22nd birthday. I had this awesome idea to do a sort keepsake album for him for his 1st year. I'd take a picture every month and make some notes of what was happening in that particular stage of his life.

Here we are at MONTH ONE, 1st entry.

Baby when you turned ONE month old on Thursday, I lay dying a slow death and wasn't able to take your picture on my couch, on the blankie that Far Away Auntie Donna made for me. It was also Nana's 22nd birthday, she gets to be your fairy God Mother next week. Thank goodness your mother took the obligatory picture of you at home, dressed in your brother's snug fitting hand me downs that he wore at age 2 1/2 months.

You weighed 11 lbs 9 oz at your check up last week. I suspect you've hit the 12 lb mark already. You wear a size 1 diaper and size 3-6 months clothes. You eat, er, sort of graze all day long, sometimes drinking 2 oz, sometimes 3, sometimes just a 1 ounce snack. You have also taken a 4 oz bottle on occasion.

You've slept through the night about 3 times so far. You cry, deep and loud and way more than your big brother ever did. It gets our attention, that's for sure.

Your big brother is so crazy in love with you! Remember this when he's whaling on your head in a few years for taking his trucks or legos. He really does love you, every morning he comes looking for you, first thing, before he even says good morning to your mom. He makes you smile, all the time. So does Pa. See the monkey you're sitting next to? TOF and Pa made him for you at Build A Bear that first weekend you came home. I know, right? Pa at Build A Bear!

Someone will be taking a picture of you every month in the same pose with that same monkey every month until you turn one. But please take your time Baby, we're not in any hurry to have you grow up.

Happy One Month Birthday Baby!

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Jennifer Suarez said...

SO cute!

Leah said...

happy one month! You should make a collage out of all the pics once he's a year old!! would be cute.

PS still waiting to see the handsome fella in his sweater and hat!!! Do they even fit??? I hope so!

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