Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WW-The Slot Machines Stole More Than Just My Money

I had a brilliant idea for a blog post.

Absolutely BRILLIANT.

Whynot and I were heading out of the casino last night, into the parking lot and somewhere between the automatic doors and my car, POOF, that brilliant thought was gone along with a couple of $20s.

This happens to me all. the. time.

All. the. time.

If it weren't for my sketchy memory my blog would rank way up there with the likes of Dooce and Pioneer Woman.

Stupid hormones!

We're having a Webkinz Jr. partay on The Avenue today.

A back to school celebration.

We'll have snacks and games and prizes and I promise to share pictures and tell you all about it...if I remember.

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Cranberry Morning said...

Ha ha. Don't worry, that brilliant thought will come back to you about 3 AM and then keep you awake for the next two hours! :-)

Unknown said...

happens to me all the time...i need to carry around a notebook or something.

we're big fans of the webkinz here too.

Susan said...

I just found this today while looking for android apps: http://springpadit.com
for your puter, and they make an app for your phone that syncs up, or you can just text or email things from your regular phone to your online account - get an idea while you're out in the world, you might not have paper but I bet you have your phone!

Teena in Toronto said...

That's why I need a notepad in my bag. Ha!

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