Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She Did What?

True story, because, honestly, I could not make this stuff up!

In my absentmindedness I just showered with shampoo! Luckily it was body envy and not the rapid hair growth formula. How does one top off a shower with shampoo? Moisturize with Nair? Note to self: TAKE NAIR OUT OF THE SHOWER....NOW!

I was very carefully checking labels after that. Face lotion, body lotion, mousse. Checking and double checking to make sure I've grabbed the right container. Toothpaste. Wait, read that one again, there's lots of stuff in the bathroom that comes in similar tubes. Neosporin, hydrocortisone, Preparation H. I definitely don't want a mouth full of itch cream.

I think I need to post a how to list in the shower. And at the very tippy top it should read PUT YOUR CONTACTS IN SO YOU CAN SEE!

I'm so not a morning person!

So much to do today. Just did a mass following on Twitter. I'm going to attempt the SITS ProBlogger Challenge. 31 days to a better blog, only I'm already a day behind. I so would have been one of those people that drank the kool aid just because someone said it was a good idea. So I've installed the Blog Frog widget, not sure if I should have the one that shows my visitors, which is empty right now BTW, or the community one. Any thoughts? Kool aid? Sure I'll have some.

Back to the challenge.....yesterday Day 1, was to write an elevator challenge. All the good ones are taken! Anything goes here on The Avenue. Clearly as my first step, I need to become more focused! I'm working on it.
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Akum said...

This thing happen.. Once I managed to brush my teeth with Neosporin and it taste disgusting! Got to be more careful! Lol

Anonymous said...

I am doing the ProBlogger Challenge at my own pace. Seriously I have enough deadlines to put my blog on one. This is my fun time. So I'm there with you. We can be the kids talking in the back of the class that didn't do their homework yet :)

Cranberry Morning said...

That is so funny - well, maybe not for you. Okay, funny for us to read. :-) May your day get better and your evening be great!

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