Thursday, July 22, 2010

Date Night

Of all the things I love about blogging I think my most favorite are the adventures that I'm able to take part in that otherwise would probably not be available to me. TOF often accompanies me on these adventures and experiences, but unfortunately his bedtime interfered this time.

Thursday night, as a thank you for being a member of MyBlogSpark network, Whynot and I had the pleasure of heading into the big city to attend a special dinner at Ben Pao. Over cocktails, Sapporo beer for him and a Chinese Itch martini for me, (OK two, but who's counting) Whynot asked me if I remembered the last time we ventured downtown for dinner. Some quick calculations, his mom lived on Marine Drive about 11 years ago, and I guesstimated that it had to be at least 12 years. I know right, we are quite the adventuresome couple.

The exclusive dining experience included a special four-course dinner. For starters we had Hot and Sour Soup, followed by a yummy appetizer platter consisting of chicken lettuce wraps, golden crisp vegetable spring rolls, crab Rangoon, chicken potstickers and an assortment of complementary sauces. The entrees were served family style from eight delicious choices. Whynot chose a Sweet and Spicy Shrimp dish, I selected the Sweet and Sour Chicken and of course we sampled each others dishes. The shrimp had a ginger sauce with just a smidge of hot kick to it and the chicken was crisp in a traditional sweet and sour sauce with a combination of veggies and pineapple. They were both very tasty, served with tender and fluffy white rice.

For dessert we were treated to lemon-ginger cheesecake on an almond cookie crust and chocolate spring rolls with a peanut sauce. Both were heavenly and I'm on a search for that cheesecake recipe later today. Almond cookie crust, who would have thought!

And just when we couldn't possibly eat another bite, two fortune cookies to complete our experience. I don't know about you, but for me, the fortune cookies are the best part of eating at a Chinese restaurant. You read the fortune out loud, add in bed to the end and everyone has a good laugh.

Let me share my fortune with you...

In bed.

Who's laughing now?

We'd been punk'd and Ben Pao was a part of the switch! We were served a frozen dinner and both of us were pleasantly surprised. Our entree was so good that I just had to share it with you here. Wanchai Ferry has a delicious meal kit available in eight varieties, that's ready in just 14 minutes. Complete with perfect rice! Look for it in your grocer's freezer and click that link for a money saving coupon.

Don't be surprised if sometime, somewhere, someplace when you least expect it, someone steps up to you and says, smile! You just ate a Wanchai Ferry frozen dinner.

Disclaimer: Whynot and I were provided with the dinner, a gift card, and product information through MyBlogSpark. Special thanks to Ben Pao for being a part this delightful prank .

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Lola said...

OMG! I thought I saw you at Ben Pao, but I wasn't sure. My girlfriend and I got there late. We had the Beef And Broccoli and Kung Pao Chicken. My post will be up shortly.

Michelle said...

Ohhhhh wow. I'm so bummed I wasn't invited to that one. I LOVE Ben Pao. And Asian. And Chicago. And I'm good with being punk'd. What a treat for you!

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