Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Bloggy Mojo Has Lost It's Get Up and Gojo

Ahhh the sultry dog days of summer.


Scratch that, try sweltering, yes the sweltering dog days of summer.

It's hot, I'm lazy. Not to be confused with the lazy that comes with the arctic winter blast that numbs me to the inner core. Nope, this is definitely a different kind of lazy. She says as she looks around at the cobwebs to the left.

As with everything, I am doing the ProBlogger Challenge at my own pace. Day 1 and 2, still floating around somewhere in the gray matter.

But Day 3 of 31 Days to a Better Blog....this one I can actually do on Day 3.

Day 3: Promote a Blog Post

1) Where do you promote blog posts other than on Twitter or Facebook?

I used to use Entrecard, but then I heard that there was a lot of spam and viruses as a result, so I stopped and my traffic plummeted :( I've signed up for Blog Frog and I don't have an opinion on that as of yet. I noticed a new feature here at Blogger, that adds the Stumble Upon, Digg, Twitter and Facebook links to the bottom of your post, I have no idea how to use them, but maybe someone reading does. I don't promote on Facebook. It's an odd world this internet, I'm perfectly fine sharing my blog with complete strangers, but sharing with people I know IRL gives me hives.

2) What sites/forums have worked best in driving traffic to your site?

I'm still not very good at generating traffic to my blog. I just don't have enough time and I'm lazy. I have found that if I join a linky party post and do some good old fashioned blog hopping my traffic increases. I guess I just have to be more diligent and find me some mojo. I'm hoping to learn more effective ways through this challenge.

Now I'm off to clean a garage for our big sale tomorrow and Friday. Stay cool everyone!
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Ursula said...

I found you somehow via problogger. I see you do very well. I blog since more than 4 years (more or less for myself the first years to stay commited to my yoga practice.) I have 228 followeres. I ses you have started blogging this year and you have already so many followers. I really wonder: how have you done it.
Happy blogging

Cranberry Morning said...

Have fun cleaning the garage! I'm going to be picking beans. Haven't decided whether to can or freeze them.

Michelle said...

I'm with ya on the mojo with the heat. But ya know... there are things that are more important in life than purely building traffic. I think you've got it right :)

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