Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keepin' Company Thursdays

Welcome to Keepin' Company Thursdays, co-hosted by Terra and Traci66.


Every Thursday, Traci66 and Terra host "Keepin' Company Thursdays" where you can link up your blog and find new blogs to follow. By doing this, you will hopefully gain new followers and find interesting blogs to read.

Currently I'm looking to follow anyone with a virtual pool and a few Cabana boys, but some hot coffee or cold lemonade will be fine too. Can we say hotter den hell! 5:20 this morning, I was still half asleep when I opened the patio door to let Bella out and it felt like someone forgot to turn the oven off outside! At 5:20 people! What is 10 am going to bring?

Thanks for stopping by and keepin' me company, as long as you're already here please take a look around. Directly below you can vote for a friend's Pepsi Refresh Project.

Chicago area readers comment here for tickets to the Baby & Toddler Expo.

Everyone can comment here for a chance to win a BusyBodyBook planner.

And for all of you wondering, this is where I met Terra.

Have a great Thursday everyone!
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Judy said...

Hi! Thank you so much for following my blog. Im now following back. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hello! What an interesting and good looking blog you have. Thanks for visiting and following my blog - I'm now a fan and follower of your blog too. Smile.
Isn't this heat ridiculous, wow.


Unknown said...

Good morning. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now following you back!

Belly Charms said...

Thanks for becoming a new follower - little boys are the best! Have a great day.

Scented Candles said...

I am going to start following your blog. i love the
Keepin Company Thursdays idea!!

Crystal said...

TY for following! Following back and here for that cup of coffee ;)
I need it today

Unknown said...

Thanks for following Bargain Mom. I'm following back!

Cranberry Morning said...

You poor thing! You need to move to NW Wisconsin where our temp forecast for the entire week is upper 80s. Evenings and mornings are delightful!

Of course I didn't mention that November through April it's snow-covered and slippery and you'll need a parka! :-)

Roxanne said...

I have been following you for quite some time in my feed reader. Just recently began checking that again after 6 months or so. ;-) Great blog!!!

Sandy S. said...

Hi, I'm following you back from Keepin' Company Thursday!

Have a great weekend!


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