Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whine About It Wednesday

Warning, this post is all over-much like my mood swings lately.

I'm PMS-ing...still, again, take your pick. I'm just one big happy period this month, thank you Always. Today is DAY NINE of my period. NINE freaking days! I should be dead from the blood loss alone. But it seems the lost blood has been replaced by some wicked hormone that just makes me batshit crazy. I hate myself and I hate everyone around me. Well not everyone, TOF and Moose have been spared my wrath, but everyone else look out! So I'm going to whine and hopefully that will make me feel better because I have to hold off on the wine until after 6 pm.


Some of you may already know that yesterday morning on my front door stoop there was a ziploc baggie filled with a mystery liquid. No note, no clue what it was, so I pitched it in the trash. TODAY, more than 24 hours later I get an email from the gal that runs the dog rescue. In the unmarked baggie was medicine for deworming Sami. I was supposed to know this how? I'm sorry but the raging hormones have diminished my psychic abilities Jill. I threw the bag away and look, as I read your belated email, the garbage truck is pulling away from the front of my house. CRAP!


Do those squiggly lines up there look even? Because I didn't count them, which is odd for someone like me afflicted with OCD. Next paragraph break I will just copy and paste, don't know why I didn't think of that sooner. DUH!


Speaking of OCD, what is up with this?

Two people live in this house. Two. In that pile are a few of TOF's jammies but how do two people create this much laundry? And there's still one load in the dryer and one in the washer. Why won't this shit fold itself? I keep glaring at it and calling it stupid and it still won't leave the room.


I got my hair cut, I thought I didn't hate it, until I saw this picture. I hate it and I hate how I look without makeup so you can't see that.


This lying piece of crap I'd like to throw at someone! Is there a name for the disease that is the opposite of anorexia? Not bullemia, because I never purge. Like how anorexics see themselves as fat people but in truth they are sickeningly skinny. Well I have that for fat people. I am morbidly obese and I think the world sees me as a perfect size 10.


Hmmm, I actually feel a little better now. Might go fold some laundry. Tomorrow I'll be picture blogging about things I love around the house. Which is a good thing because it's too flippin cold to go outside. Just another thing I hate.

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Lola said...

Me first? Yay!

Regarding your period, go see your ob-gyn. He or she can give you some hormones (like birth control) to tame your period. If it keeps up though, you're going to have to consider other options. I recommend a hysterectomy and skipping the 2 procedures that nearly killed me.

Anyway, I love your new 'do'. I think it looks cute.

We don't speak the v e t word in my house. I've spent over $400 this month and I still have to bring both cats back this week. One of the new kitties has ringworm and is on quarantine and has to go for a special 'dip' bath. Arghhh.

You don't want to know what my laundry pile looks like. There is 4 of us.

Undomesticated said...

I have the same scales at home. The battery is about dead so when you step on it all it will say is LO. So of course that must mean I have lost too much weight and need to pig out big time!

I highly recommend setting something on it and leaving it there until the battery dies! Its good for the soul!

Kristine said...

Oh, oh! I really like Wine about it Wednesday! I'm going to use it. Much better than Wordless Wednesday if you ask me.

I like the hair, although I don't think the red square does it justice!

I'm having the same laundry issue in my house this week. Just double the size of your pile and that would be my bedroom floor. I hate living out of the clothes basket, but apparently this week I hate folding and putting clothes away more. Now its Thursday so I might as well wait until this weekend when I usually do it. Noah doesn't really need clean underwear does he?

You crack me up with your squiggles!

And please, I totally remember you as a size 10!

Dawn said...

LOLOLOL!!!!! I've gotten to wear I read your posts and FB statuses to my mom because they are so funny. We love YOU!!!

I was on my period for 7 weeks before my hysterectomy in Nov. But, your friend is right. Your dr. can prescribe a hormone to stop or slow it down. It did work for me. It doesn't for everyone. Have the hysterectomy. So worth it. Unless, of course, you get a hernia from it and have to have another surgery. LOL!

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