Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fragments, the Pictorial Version

Today we were supposed to do this

But because of this

We made this mess instead

Remember the dilemma of the shower? Well it's next Saturday and I'm going, I even called to RSVP and fortunately got the answering machine. Hehehe perhaps by design, when my name showed up on the caller id they chose not to answer the phone. Whatever, get over yourself Lord Helmet. So anyway, I am going and I made the cake.

It's awesome, no? Come on, please say it's awesome even if you have to lie. But if it's stupid please tell me that too, as I'm really going for the oo and ah factor from the shower guests, because when the event is not about me I have to make it be about me. Hehe self centered biotch that I am.

See here's that taggie/cake topper up close. Am I the best Mema or what?

Now I have a week to turn this

into a rag blanket, for more oos and ahhs.

And this

must be transformed into a valance. Although it's not exactly the fabric I wanted. I was looking for brown with sage polka dots. You would think that would be a simple enough request, but NOOOOOOO. Megryansmom's Law applies, I want it, therefore it is not to be found in the 3 county radius surrounding The Avenue.

And now I must scoot, as the sky has opened up and the cat is outside and one little boy is very distressed about this.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to check out the other posts for Friday Fragments.

Friday Fragments?

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I'm just me... said...

The cake is adorable, she will love it. The taggie blanket is the best. I made one for Tink and she still loves it 4 years later.

Jennifer Suarez said...

The cake is FRIGGEN AMAZING!! Seriously, I love it. You are going to be the talk of the party, in a good way. I'm glad to see you took our advice to go, and to go all out. Swwwweeet!!!

Both of my daughters have no-sew (aka tag) blankets. They ADORE them. Makes a fabulous gift.

Unknown said...

so far, this is the WEIRDEST summer yet.

c'mon sun.

Laura Marchant said...

Oh the weather today sucks here. That cake is awesome! Seriously the monkeys are so cute.

Kathy B! said...

There should be a law against rain in the summer. It's just all sorts of wrong.

I think your diaper cake is fab-U-lous. I jokingly asked somebody for their "recipe" for the cake. They didn't get the joke... said...

I love it. Question the monkey riding a blanket rocket or plane? I'm not sure if the blanket was in that shape for a reason. Forgive me for being so dense.

I'm glad you're going. You will be the talk of the shower.

Managed Chaos said...

Love. Love. Love the cake. I make a similar one with a monkey for my sister's baby shower earlier this fun.

Mrs4444 said...

The cake is adorable! You are a great mom/grandma :)

Off to read about the shower dilemna-sounds juicy!

Tiffany said...

Is that cake made of diapers? I've never seen that before. It looks cool! Good job!!

Michelle said...

LOVE the cake. You did awesome. Very very cool! I can't wait to hear how the shower goes....

Yucky weather here, too, although it did finally clear out. Yay.

Unknown said...

I loved how you did this with the pictures!! Awesome FF!

mub said...

Your cake is cute and that monkey fabric for the ribbon blankie is OH SO AWESOME!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I love this photo addition. How fun! The cake is awesome. It's been really hot here in Arkansas this summer so far. I'd love it be dark and wet. I pretty much hate the summertime. :o)

Stacy Uncorked said...

You could have sent some of that cool rain to Louisiana when we were visiting there...there would have been no protest from me! ;)

That cake is AWESOME. You've outdone yourself. I'm really looking forward to reading all about the shower! :)

Happy FF a day late! :)

Dawn said...

I am SERIOUSLY impressed!!!

How do you do a no-sew with the tags?

Also, what are the little things hanging around the bottom??

Loved this post!!!

Unknown said...

That diaper cake is fantastic and I LOVE those little taggie blankets. I didn't have any of those with the boys but think I need one for the girl.

Seriously, the cake is awesome! And I'm sure the quilt will be too! : )

Miz Q said...

I had never seen a diaper cake before although it sounded kinda cool. But THIS! passes anything I could have imagined!! It is
A M A Z I N G !!
And I can't wait to hear about how awed everyone was! Every lil baby should have a Mema as cool as YOU!

Leah said...

The "cake" is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The quilt will be fabulous, too. you rock!

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