Friday, August 3, 2012

Before and After - The Avenue Linen Closet

I had a couple of goals for this summer...declutter the house and potty train TC.  Sadly I'm failing at both.  I did manage to clean out my linen closet the other day.  At a quick glance it didn't appear to be that messy or cluttered, but every time I went to grab something, something else would fall out.  The towels were hard to put away and when I shoved them inside, the door was hard to close.  So as TC slept behind the closed door in the very same hallway, I quietly conquered The Avenue Linen Closet.

These are the before pictures.  
How about those pads, prominently displayed as soon as you open the door!

 See that hot pink stain on the carpet? 
Nail polish!

I just can't pass up a good shampoo sale, but it will take years to use all of this!

 Same thing with toothbrushes!

 We have very clean hands on The Avenue!

 Sadly, this is only about a six month supply of gray cover up.

 That's a gallon size baggy of band aids!
I may have a hoarding problem.

And now the after pictures.
Good Will should be happy with my donation of extra towels and sheet sets.

 The top shelf now houses seldom used items.
Extra hair styling products are easily accessible.

 OTC meds are higher up and pushed back so the boys can't reach.

I think it was Heloise that said you only need two sets of sheets, 
one on the bed and one in the laundry.
Now I am in  compliance!  I kept several
extra pillow cases that I just couldn't part with.

 I saved ten of the best towels and put the rest in the Good Will bag.

Sadly I kept all of the soaps and shampoos.  
Hey, it's a start!
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Meghan said...

Nicely done sister! Nicely done.

Michelle said...

I'm impressed. And that has to count for something, right? I am pretty close to the two sets of sheets thing, but... not 100%. I would have kept all the shampoos and such, too. And how does one NOT need a gallon size bag filled with Band Aids?

And meh on potty training. They'll do it when they're ready. Why stress before then? :)

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