Friday, May 4, 2012

Good Eats at Bakersfield Restaurant - Westmont

Let me start by saying, I'm not a foodie blogger...but I love food.  Especially food that I don't have to cook.  So when I was invited to lunch at the soft opening for Bakersfield Restaurant this weekend, I was all HAIL YEAH.  Sunday afternoon, no cooking for me!  Whynot needed a bit more persuading, as the last 'soft opening' we went to together was, um...a bit of a disappointment.  And well, Whynot, he's just not comfortable living in the limelight of the bloggy world.  He came along reluctantly and of course he poked along while getting ready, which always causes me to stress about being late.  And when I stress, I forget a camera or a phone or even cash!  Only I don't realize these things until we're about halfway to our destination, at which point it's turn around and be even more late or drive on.  We drove on as I practiced deep breathing to try and relax.

We actually arrived on time and pulled into the parking lot where we were offered valet parking.  Pretty snazzy, not sure if it will be an option at all times or just for this event, but yeah, a nice touch.  Inside the restaurant were two lovely hostesses checking names off the A-list.  A look around and I noticed that the restaurant was not overly crowded - seems like they did a good job so far of spacing out the reservations so there wouldn't be a terribly long wait.  The space was very modern and open and it sure would have been nice to insert a picture or two here.  Casual, but not..a bit like crisp white button down shirt meets dark indigo jeans with a grey pinstriped apron for added class...which is exactly what every waiter was wearing.

Our server, Katja was all smiles and so very pleasant without being overbearing and just a bit nervous as she rehearsed for the big opening on May 1.  She took our drink order first and described a few favorites on the menu.  Purple carrots!  I would have loved to try those, but they weren't an option with my entree.  Whynot and I agreed to share the Smoked Salmon appetizer...think a huge chunk of salmon, lightly smoked, not lox, served with bagel crisps.  Some of the other items that caught me eye were Tuna Poke and Crispy Thai Shrimp.

Choosing our main entrees was a bit more difficult.  Bakersfield offers entree-style salads such as Crab Cake Salad and the Four Farmers Grilled Chicken Salad as well as hearty sandwiches like the Lobster Knuckle Sandwich and Mustard-Honey Chicken Sandwich.  Everything on the menu is a little out of the ordinary.  The signature entrees included steaks, chops and fish all prepared on a wood fire grill.  Tempted by names like Barrel Cut Filet, 72 Hour Marinated Cajun Ribeye and Honey Roasted Prime Rib I think I drooled on the menu.  I decided to go with the ribeye, served with seasoned fries and Whynot chose the Prime Rib which included a loaded baked potato as big as his head!  Portions are extremely generous and we both asked for take home boxes, leaving room for dessert.

Katja highly recommended the Fried Oreos, battered and deep fried Oreos beautifully arranged around a scoop of vanilla ice cream made to look like an Oreo cookie, then drizzled with vanilla custard and  chocolate sauce.  I spied the Tres Leches cake covered in whipped cream, fresh fruit and caramel sauce and was smitten, so of course we ordered both and shared!  It was a taste so amazing that I cannot even describe it, but I want to have more! 

Our entire dining experience was awesome and I look forward to returning.  Maybe next time we'll dine outside on the patio.

If you'd like to visit Bakersfield, it's located at 330 East Ogden Avenue in Westmont, IL.  Hours are Sundays through Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. For reservations, call 630.568.3615 or visit

Disclaimer:  Whynot and I were invited guests and our meals and drinks were complimentary,
 although I was not asked to write them, all opinions are my own
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Lisa said...

Now, I am starving.

lotta joy said...

I do miss the old days when we both had blogs that related to our lives. I've now started a new one and stopped advertising, but don't know if it will get off the ground or not.

Lisa Noel said...

i also am not a foodie blogger but love food :) sounds like a yummy place

ConnieFoggles said...

Sounds like a well run restaurant. And they understand social media. Big win!

Meghan said...

The next street over from me is Westmont, NJ..I thought you were writing about my town for a second. LOL said...

Damnit. The pizza I just ate doesn't seem to have filled me up, after all.

Their food is SO GOOD.

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