Monday, February 27, 2012

Preparing an Emergency Winter Survival Kit #EnergizerCFK #CBias

This post is part two of a two part series.  To see the first post, head over here.  I'll wait for you.

We rely on our cars to get us back and forth to work, drop our children off at school, or for taking a family vacation.  But cars can break down at the most inconvenient time and in the most inconvenient place, so it's best to be prepared for an emergency.

By taking the time to prepare a car emergency kit you'll be prepared for just about anything that may happen while traveling.  You ounce of prevention.  Of course you'll want to have some basic tools in your car for mechanical emergencies, but you'll also need to pack items that will keep you and your passengers safe and comfortable.

Things you may want to consider packing include:

Energizer flashlight and extra batteries

Wet Ones Wipes

First Aid Kit

Jumper cables


Road flares

A local map (It's what we used before GPS and you'll need it if you have no cell signal)

Hat, gloves, extra socks, and a pair of boots

Scissors and/or a knife

Bright colored shirt (to increase being seen by passing motorists)

Snacks and water

Rain gear and/or a good sized plastic tarp

Extra clothes

Books, toys and games

Toilet paper

Keeping a car emergency kit will provide you with peace of mind as well as provide the items necessary to rescue yourself in a true emergency.  Be sure to periodically check the contents of your kit and replace items as they expire or have been used.

I put together an Emergency Winter Survival Kit, (You can see the items I included in greater detail in my Google + album.) which I donated to Lamb's Fold Center for Women and Children.  The Lamb’s Fold, a partner agency of  United Way of Will County, helps homeless women and children and victims of domestic violence transition to successful independence through educational enhancement, supportive services, and personalized recovery services.

Learn more about Energizer and Champions for Kids:

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Cranberry Morning said...

ALWAYS a good idea to keep this kit on hand in the car. I think the snacks (like almonds) and water are really important. Time to go check this out. We're supposed to be getting a big snow storm in here tomorrow!

Unknown said...

I love the idea of a car kit-great idea!

Arnold said...

You did not mention a cellphone. You should always have a cellphone with you so you can call for help. You can get a prepaid phone like a Tracfone for $15. Always good to have a backup.

Unknown said...

A car care kit is a SUPER idea. I love that you donated your kit to your local women's and children's center. They need the fresh start and not having to worry about these things is a HUGE help!

Hyacynth said...

Totally not your intention, I'm sure, but this post had me teary reading it. About a month after my dad died two Aprils ago, John and I found ourselves in desperate need of a band aid while traveling. Though I'd never paid any attention to such details of an ER kit, I remembered transfering one my dad made and put in my old car to the new car we bought. And I opened it and to my shock it was filled to the brim with things I'd never have thought of ... things on your list. :) And it just reminded me, like this post, of how much my dad loved me. So thanks for that. :)

Lisa Noel said...

that's a great kit!! GOOD JOB!!

Lisa said...

We always keep an extra cell phone charger in the car. Because you never have enought battery when you need it!

Mrs4444 said...

My sister's co-worker's wife learned the importance of an emergency kit recently. She (drunkenly, most likely, but still) wrecked her car on a cold, wintery night at 2am. She had no cell reception in that area and so set out to walk to her brother's house. She was wearing heels, did not have a decent coat, no gloves, but a cute little purse! Sadly (and I mean that), she suffered frostbite so bad that she lost both of her FEET. I'm serious. The last I heard, she was hoping not to have to also lose one of her ankles. Sorry to be so dark here, but if this doesn't teach people to a) not drink and drive and b) to have an emergency kit, I don't know what will.

Paula said...

I used to have one in my car but things get cleaned out, moved around, lost... I need to make a new one. Thanks for the reminder!

Lisa Hanneman said...

Good reminder to check on what we have in the car! We have lots of this rolling around, not on purpose, more due to our lack of car organization... Snacks can be found somewhere in the car seats, for sure.

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