Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fight Dry Skin with Dial™ NutriSkin™ #DialNutriSkin #CBias

The dry Midwest winter combined with my hypothyroidism leaves my skin dry and flaky.  My lower legs, my hands and my cheeks suffer the most.  There are a few things I can do to treat my dry skin, such as drink more water...blech, not a good water drinker.  I can also apply lotion to rehydrate my problem spots.  The problem there being that I am somewhat of a lotion snob.  I prefer my lotion to be not too heavy, but not too watery either.  It can't be greasy!  Or sticky!  I don't mind a light scent, but nothing too floral or too sweet, and some scent is better than none.  I don't like that medicinal smell.  Most importantly, it has to be a good buy.  I'm not one to spend a lot of money on beauty supplies.

So when the opportunity to try Dial™ NutriSkin™ at a demo in Walmart came along, I jumped at the chance to give it a try and see how it would stand up to my expectations.  Being as picky as I am, I love it when they have demos in stores; it's great to try the product before you buy.  Saves me the time and trouble of returning an unwanted item back to the store.

I was also excited about heading back to this particular Walmart because I thought I remembered that there was a fabric department.  It's an illness...I just like to peruse the fabric aisle, touching and creating amazing projects in my head.  Sadly, there was no fabric.

As I entered the store, I immediately headed to the cosmetics area where I saw the display stand for Dial™ NutriSkin™.  I introduced myself to Sherry and we started up a conversation about the different lotions.  Sherry apologized for not having each of the varieties available.  It's not really something she can control as she relies on the store stock for her display and demonstration.  I tried the Extra Dry Skin, which I was most interested in, as well as the Sensitive Skin and ended up buying some of each.  Both formulas passed my strict requirements and with the boys both having eczema we can never have enough hypo allergenic lotion in the house.  An added bonus were the $1 off coupons that Sherry offered.  The smaller purse sized lotions were only 97 cents after the coupon and the bonus size bottle was a steal at $3.97 after the coupon.

After Dial™ NutriSkin™ passed my tests, I had Whynot try it as soon as I got home.  Looks like I'll be heading back to pick up a larger bottle of Dial™ NutriSkin™ Extra Dry Skin very soon.

Disclaimer:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, #CBias  All opinions and photos are my own.

More information and special offers can be found here :

Dial™NutriSkin™ Website
Dial™ NutriSkin™Twitter @DialNutriSkin

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Unknown said...

I bought the medium size bottle fo soothing and love it...but I want to find the little tubes! I'd love to have one for my purse!

Unknown said...

I too like @amy would love to get the smaller bottle for my purse, it was a great demo!

Jeannette said...

I'm jealous of those of you who were able to find small bottles - I need one for my purse! Don't you just love the lotion though?

Monique said...

We have sensitive skin in my house too, so I know what you mean.

Rachel {BubblyNatureCreations.com} said...

I can't wait to try it!

Unknown said...

Lotion snob! Love it :) Glad to hear the NutriSkin passed your standards - a recommendation I can take to the store :)

Faith and Family Reviews said...

I am not good about drinking water in the winter either. Have you ever tried putting a bit of lemon juice in it to flavor it?

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