Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's Just Watch TV Together on Valentine's Day

This is a big year for me.  I turn 50 in October, so everything all year long is supposed to be rainbows, puppies and unicorns.  At least in my head it is.  It's Valentine's Day and I'm just sitting here waiting for the florist to arrive with long stem roses.  But he won't come.  Whynot won't hand deliver them later tonight either.  Nor will he bring Fannie May chocolates and I'll be quite surprised if we even go out to dinner.

I saw this post on Facebook:

My creed today: I didn't make Valentine's day crafts, I didn't make a special V-day breakfast. Our lunch is the same as everyday and my daughter took normal punch-out cards to school. I didn't get flowers or chocolates or a card. Today my children are laughing in a warm, clean home and I get to eat chips & dip with my hubby on our casual date tonight. Love is in our hearts, just not expressed in a way that is "perfectly pinterest-able." And that is ok!

And I thought, yeah I guess.  I should be thankful for all those things too.  I know Whynot loves me, he's just not into Hallmark holidays.

But I AM!!!!

And quite frankly, when I see posts like this:
A box of wine and roses. Happy Valentine's Day to me! 
With a picture attached

and this:

A beautiful surprise at my work today.

With another picture of beautiful flowers!

and this:

I got some wonderful chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day! Yum!

or the photos of the telltale light blue box!

It turns me all sorts of shades of green and makes me want to stab the screen on my laptop in a Glenn Close Fatal Attraction kind of way!  And under my breath I scream a little FU.

Even the slutty girl next door's bf was seen carrying a celophane wrapped box of chocolates, or maybe it was an economy box of condoms.

I think I may go out and buy myself flowers and chocolate.  Some really expensive jewelry and some sexy lingerie and then lie about it on Facebook later.

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Mel S. said...

I personally don't understand why people show what they got on FB. I really don't care. I do celebrate Valentine's with my husband and daughter. But, I don't find it to be all that and a bag of chips. I didn't even post anything about it on my blog. I am so tired of seeing every little cutesy valentine craft you can think of. You know what, if you do go and buy your own chocolates, buy them tomorrow at half price--then you can get twice as many as all of those bragging! Lol!

Glad to have found your blog!


Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

Aw...I'm sorry. No roses or boxes of chocolates at my place, either, so don't hate me.

Funny, I used to think Valentines Day was SO stupid and got mad at my husband if he bought roses (meaning, wasted money). Now that I'm older and perilously close to 50, too, I want chocolates, flowers, romance. What I got: him falling asleep at 9:05 as we watched Parenthood.

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