Saturday, February 12, 2011

He Puts the Monster in MonsterJam-A Review

I know, I know!  You're not supposed to compare children, but TC, he is not his brother.  The child does not sit still.  Ever.  He's a poster child for active boys.  We took him to the circus.  As a result he was not invited to the ice show.  We ran into a little problem with Monster Jam, we all wanted to go, meaning there was no one to leave TC at home with.  Gracy and Bella are wonderful pups and all, but it's just too difficult to change diapers without opposable thumbs.  We had to bring the monster little love muffin with us. 

Durwood bought the boys some head phone type ear protectors and they had been practicing wearing them at home.  We settled into our seats and TOF obediently put his head gear on.  TC, um yeah, not so cooperative and he wanted to move around.  He started out on his mother's lap and moved to Whynot's lap where he jiggled to the floor and I gagged a little.  Durwood scooped him up and tried again with the ear phones.  Success!  The show was just about to begin so we whipped out the fruit snacks and the binkie.  Oh shush, I don't want to hear it.  We do whatever we have to, to keep the child quiet.  If he's 14 and still wants a binkie, so be it, at least he's quiet.

And lo and behold, the heavens opened and the angels sang and the child sat, quietly.  Mesmerized by the action in the arena.  Every time I looked over he was awestruck and clapping at the big trucks as they smashed cars in their path.

At barely seventeen months old, I'm pretty sure TC was the youngest fan there.  He has found his niche and is well on his way to becoming a gearhead.

The moral of this won't know until you try and try you must.  We all had a very enjoyable time and Whynot has already asked me if we'll be invited to go again next year.

Big boy sitting next to his Pa.

Pay no attention to that binkie, TC is a big boy too!

Grave Digger had a little trouble at the start.

Look! It's Ira, our beer vendor from Wrigley Field.

Holy flying Batman car!

If you're in the Chicago area you can still see all the Monster Jam action at the Allstate Arena tomorrow, Sunday February 13th at 2 and 7:30.  Kid's tickets are only $10.  To save 33% on adult tickets use the promo code MOM at, the Allstate Arena box office, or by calling 1-800-745-3000.

Disclaimer: My family received complimentary tickets to attend Monster Jam. 
I received no monetary compensation and the opinions are my own.
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6 comments: said...

Totally mesmerized. What a sight! Looks like TC is a big boy. Glad you all had so much fun. Is it really noisy in the stadium? I would imagine it would be.

Michelle said...

So much more fun than I'd expected, no? Mister Man LOVED Grave Digger... and was crushed that he fell over at the start. It worked out in the end though, and I think we'll be back, too! said...

We got DIRT on our HEADS. The best part, by far. Evan saved it and we now have DIRT on his DRESSER.

Leah said...

Glad all had a good time! Gravedigger had some trouble when Dan took the boys to see the Monster Truck show in our area! Must be an unlucky year for it... LOL

Cranberry Morning said...

Anything that has an engine to rev loudly with possible crashes and bashes will keep any boy of any age entertained for hours. It's amazing! Cute pics of the kids. :-)

Lisa Noel said...

I think you are SOO right, you never know until you try and the younger you try the younger they'll be able to handle it. I know people with kids 10 and over that still don't think they can take them to this stuff because they won't sit still. It's a shame. I LOVE that my boys are having all these amazing opportunities at a young age!

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