Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Presents

TOF has a birthday coming up.  We've been talking about his birthday and a party, with cake and of course presents.  When I asked him what he might like for a gift  he answered a swing set without any hesitation.  The boy thinks big!

We already have Fort Mema Pa in our backyard and I'd love to add something with a climbing wall and some monkey bars. 

Maybe something like this.

It's a kid's dream come true.  There's swings and a glider.  A cool wavy slide, a climbing wall.  Check out the little bench in front, perfect for a little snack or for pretend play.  We'd be the envy of all the neighbors on The Avenue.

Disclaimer:  As a CSN Preferred Blogger, I received a gift certificate in exchange for my post.
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Melisa Wells said...

Remember when we were kids and all we had to play with were sticks and rocks?

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