Monday, June 21, 2010


Welcome Summer!

But wait! What's this? The first day of summer and the sun called in sick? UNACCEPTABLE! Instead rain showed up...AGAIN.

Mother Nature, you are a mutha! I'm crying uncle, can't you hear me? We've had it, we're waving the white flag. We're singing songs pleaded for the sun to come out. Nothing is working.

June is almost over and we haven't once pulled out the sprinkler or the Slip and Slide. We haven't taken one walk to the park. The grass needs mowing twice a week and the rain hardly lets up long enough to get the job done. The cushions on the patio furniture will never dry out! We've had one fire in the pit and that night I didn't even have the ingredients on hand for smores.

The boys are staying with us for an extended time as their mama recovers from back surgery for a herniated disc and Mema is going bonkers. Although my home is well equipped with all the latest kid necessities, being forced to play indoors is not my thing. I hate having the TV on as much as I do and I'm running out of fun indoor activities.

What do you want from me? I didn't ask her to punish everybody! Do you think I like schlepping in the rain all day and all night? My name is Mema! M-E-M-A Mema and I'd like somebody to call me by my name! Oh, okay I took my life in my own hands, I made a mistake fine I'm sorry! I'll never do it again! I wanna wear my sandals... I wanna go out to lunch. I wanna be NORMAL again!
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Lola said...

If you really get desparate to get out, you could always take them to Chuck E Cheese. But that takes some real desparation. lol!

Meghan said...

The sun will come out tomorrow.

Hey, I still have the cd, I haven't forgotten, we have just been on a strict budget while Bob starts his new job.

I promise I will mail it to you.
I haven't forgotten.
Swear on my Coach bags!

gone said...

If you miss the sunshine, I have plenty to share here! OMG it is insanely hot and humid here. Heat index of 107 today, fun huh. Just stopping by to say hello and see what was going on your way. Oh, i got you something, go check it out!
Stay Fabulous

The Cubicle Chick said...

First off, I love your blog! This is Danyelle aka The Cubicle Chick from the Build a Bear event. I believe there is a direct correlation with the weather and out moods. I am hoping that sunny days will return once again to your area. :)

Unknown said...

we are in desperate need of rain!!!! we got a few sprinkles last night not nearly feel free to send that rain our way

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