Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Splashing Good Time at Raging Waves

Leaving The Chunk* in the very capable care of his Pa, my trusty sidekick TOF and I were off on an adventure.

Sunday afternoon, our assignment was the Media VIP event at Raging Waves, Illinois' largest waterpark, located in Yorkville, IL. The event was originally scheduled for Saturday, however, Mother Nature had a little anger issue and it was rescheduled, much to Glitter Gurl's disappointment. Poor girl works on Sundays and spent Saturday night praying for more rain so they'd reschedule again. Sorry Glitter Gurl :( such is the life of a responsible working girl.

TOF was stoked! He hopped out of bed at 7am and was ready to go. I stalled until 10-ish, sipping hot coffee, hoping it would warm up a bit.

Raging Waves is about a 20 minute drive from J-Town, 45 minutes west of the Chicago Loop. Twenty minutes of one very excited 4 year old boy squealing "I not hee the waterpark yet Mema!"

The park boasts 18 slides, most of which are multi person rides-some carrying up to four people-so the whole family can ride together! There's also a wave pool, a huge kiddie area and my very favorite, the lazy river. It was rated "Best of the Midwest for 2010" by Midwest Living Magazine.

My tree hugging friends will be happy to know that the park is green! Cooking oil is recycled at a biofuel company for use as alternative fuel. Raging Waves participates in a recycling program. The pools are solar heated; water is recycled to irrigate the park's landscaping. Which by the way, the total water use during the season is about the same as used by 35 single family homes in a year.

The park is super clean and the staff is very friendly and helpful. If you're looking for a fun place to spend the day that's close to home Raging Waves is your answer.

Right now Raging Waves is offering a Summer Family Fun Package, only $124.99 for a family of four includes:

4 All day park admissions
4 Tube rentals
4 Meal tickets

TOF and I had a fabulous time, even though our visit was cut short by more rain and he hasn't stopped talking about the waterpark to anyone who will listen.

*Moose Baby just wasn't working for me anymore and so the baby will now be referred to as The Chunk or TC.

Disclaimer: I was invited to tour the facility at Raging Waves, but was not requested to post a review. Nor was I compensated monetarily for my post. The review and smiles are all honest.
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Dawn said...

Ahhh... what a fun day!!

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