Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Whynot!

Today is your 56th birthday!

Happy Birthday Honey!

You share a birthday with Rosanne Cash, Priscilla Presley, Patti LaBelle, Bob Dylan, Tommy Chong and Jane Byrne.

You're a Gemini, which makes you intelligent, and witty with a sense of mischief. You have great conversation skills.

A Gemini man (you) and Libra woman (me) are highly compatible. This is a good thing.

You're 56 and I'm 47.

56 and 47. Just like John Travolta and Kelly Preston, who announced to the world that they are expecting.

Now I just have to say this out loud and then I'll move on...I think.

I don't wish John and Kelly any harm, but I have to just roll my eyes and mumble WTF are they thinking?

I realize they are celebrities and they lead a different lifestyle than you and I do, but seriously...WTF!!??!!

I agree that a child is blessing, we have 4 between us. But we are old people now, with adult children and grandchildren. I chase after 2 of those grandchildren for the better part of the day 5 days a week and I love it, but at night, when they go home I am exhausted! On the weekends, they are with their parents and I get a break. Because kids are exhausting. They suck every ounce of energy out of you and at our age it takes a lot of energy just to get out of bed some days.

An infant born to us this year would start preschool when we turned 50 and 59 and graduate from high school when we were 65 and 74. Four years later would we even be around to see a college graduation? Could we even climb up in to those bleachers with our walkers and oxygen masks?

In a pregnancy at age 47 the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure is higher and there is a greater chance of chromosomal disorder.

So Honey, this year for your birthday I am NOT having another baby, instead let's use your AARP card and get an early bird special for dinner.

Love you!
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Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Happy Birthday to your honey!!

Cajoh said...

Wish your honey a happy birthday!

Sometimes it makes me wonder why some people choose to have another child when the risks are so high.

Claremont First Ward said...

Happy Birthday to your honey. I love the last bit about NOT being pregnant. :)

Michelle said...

LOL...I guess if God gave me a baby at 47 I'd have it....but I sure am not asking for one! LOL.

All joking aside, I feel so sad for their doesnt surprise me they are having another...who knows what we might do in their situation.

I'm thinking not get pregnant though.

I didnt get your email..i woulod have emailed you personally but you dont have your emails set up for me to respond directly to them.

Unknown said...

so sweet...Happy Birthday Whynot!!!

Michelle said...

Are you KIDDING me? Really? Expecting at 47? D-U-M-B. And selfish, in my mind. Buuuuut that's just my opinion.

Happy birthday to him - and spring training in AZ?

Anonymous said...

Actors don't have children; they give birth. Other people raise them. And when you said you were old at 47 I had this ginormous urge to visit you......after dark, and kick your young ass. At 47 I hadn't even met Joe yet and I had no idea that I was so "hawt" that I was going to be the cause of much gossip in an ENTIRE City!!!! NOW I'm OLD and grieve when you say YOU are.

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