Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They're Twins?

I love my U-Verse, I really do.

But they are big fat hairy LIARS.

All that talk about taping 4 programs on your DVR, LIES.

It cannot be done.

It doesn't even say in small print anywhere that it cannot be done. Well maybe it does, but I haven't seen any tiny print anywhere that says we only say you can tape 4 shows at once so you get all excited about our product and then when you get it installed the disappointment sets in.

The reality is this:

You can watch ONE HD program and tape ONE HD program simultaneously.
Or you can turn off the TVs and tape TWO HD programs.

Which, on a Tuesday night, when there is a Cubs' game and BlackHawks playoff hockey and Parenthood and The Good Wife, presents a problem! Add into that the fact that I start watching LOST 15 minutes into the episode so that I can fast forward through commercials and you have a recipe for disaster!!

Rewind to Tuesday night at 8:15, I'm all comfy upstairs, remote in hand, ready to watch LOST. I hear loud profanity coming from my family room. Apparently someone somewhere decided that it would be a good idea to move the Cubs' game to another channel, a channel that doesn't come in on our set. Although my neighbor who has the same package as we do was watching the game just fine. More profanity, a phone call and poof, my TV, my LOST, one of my very few pleasures in life, is now a blank blue screen with some words that basically say, recording has been interrupted.

So I have 17 minutes of recorded LOST floating somewhere in U-Verse space, it's 8:22 and I am forced to watch the remaining LOST live with commercial interruptions and the closer we get to 9pm, the more jacked up the DVR will become.

I watched LOST a little sideways and it sucked! Not only the manner in which I watched, but the episode itself. SUCKED! For one, I kept looking at Foster Mama and thinking she was Peg Bundy, who is Locke's girlfriend and thinking WTF. Turns out it wasn't Peg Bundy, it was CJ. Oh my head!

Someone has to protect the light? MIB never had a name?

Who is Foster Mama and how did she get to the island?

There are only 3 1/2 more hours of LOST and I fear it's going to end badly.
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Miz Q said...

This is my THIRD attempt at commenting, my first lovely LONG Lost discussion, eaten. My 2nd explanation of how it was LOST, lost again!

" bX-6rscy0

See if anyone else is having the same problem: Search the Blogger Help Group for bX-6rscy0 "

If third time is not a charm, I'm not trying for a fourth

Unknown said...

I am more confused than ever about the Lost epi...srsly did they not ever say what jacobs bros name was? or did they and i missed it...I thought the foster mom was allison janey but who is CJ I cant place her on the show...I think i need one of those 'dummy guides' to figure out this season of Lost
sorry bout your DVR!

Unknown said...

oooo one more thing did you know that blogger in draft now offers tabs/pages cool huh apparently they have offered this nice feature since Jan now i gotta find amybo to help me install em lol

Cajoh said...

Before our VCR broke we used to be able to watch TV on one channel and tape at the same time. I went out and bought a VCR/DVD recorder and didn't realize that there wasn't a tuner built in. This means that if we want to record that we are only recording what we are watching (something my wife does not like since she LOVES to channel surf).

Cindy Lou Who said...

I know - It's insane! You can watch LOST on ABC's website. In full. :o) And seriously - why does MIB not have a name. Not even in past episodes. And if he became the Black Smoke when he went into to the tunnel, then why is he dead? Or is he not dead, because of Ricardo and the ship? But he is dead if Jack and Kate found his body? But I thought he couldn't die? WTH is going on???

fraizerbaz said...

@Cindy Lou Who - I think that (no name yet) MIB actually died when he came into contact with the smokemonster, and that later Smokey took the form of MIB, just like it did with John Locke. So, MIB we see later with Jacob isn't really Jacob's brother, but ol' Smokey in MIB's form. That's my theory.

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Hey girl, they do need to be more specific. You can record four shows if you aren't recording in HD. We seldom record in HD so we can record four at a time. We watch way too many shows so we have to be able to record four at once.

Sorry you missed out on your show. :(

~Mrs. Albright aka Dawn's Diversions

Julie said...

I end up taping stuff in non-HD which doesn't make sense because it doesn't look right anymore. BOO. BUT, around here anyways, UVerse is better than the alternative, Optimum.

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