Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Update: Relaxation Was a SLIGHT Fail

Just popping in for a quick update, head over here to enter if you haven't already.

As you know Saturday was National Relaxation Day, as if I need an excuse to kick back and relax. We packed up the Vue and headed to Wrigley to watch the Cubs actually beat the Pirates and enjoy some of the AIR part of the Air and Water Show. Just about as perfect as any day could be in my book. Weather was good, company was great. Relaxation success.

Then came Sunday. Similar scenario except for the part where a little over 1/2 way into the city TOF is breathing more rapidly than normal. He's a little congested, seasonal allergies, we figured he'd be fine when his Claritin kicked in. Relax.


The game was rain delayed before it even started. TOF fell asleep and as he lay on my lap his little chest was heaving laboriously. This became serious business when my dear Whynot said it's time to leave a Cub game and stop at the ER on the way home.

Relaxation-Slight Fail. Kick in stress hormones.

FIVE HOURS in that ER, a chest X-ray, two nasal swabs, a throat swab, 2 allebuterol breathing treatments and an oral steroid later we are on our way home with 2 prescriptions and a much happier although extremely hyper little boy.

He's home resting today and I'm off to tackle some long overdue household chores. Wish me luck or send help!

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Lola said...

I hope TOF is going to be ok it can be pretty scary when a little one's breathing doesn't sound normal.

Unknown said...

wow, what a bummer, hope TOF is better.

Michelle said...

Ohhh that's not fun. We've been there. And oh those steroids are a pain! Fingers crossed he's feeling better soon. And yeah, that rain was a huge bummer wasn't it?

Jennifer Suarez said...

CRAZYINESS!! I'm glad he's OK though and it's not something serious. Kids sure can give us a scare sometimes!

Leah said...

aww, poor TOF! We've had to do the albuterol treatments with Connor TWICE now and he's only three!! Never had to do it with my other two kids. I hope he's back on his feet quickly! XOXO

Jenni said...

Poor kiddo! I hope he is feeling better, Rita!

Kathy B! said...

Not close enough to send help, so you'll have to settle for good wishes.

Is he doing better?

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