Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Letter to My Grandson on His 1st Day of Preschool

My Dearest TOF,

Today, Tuesday August 26th, we reach a new and very important milestone in your life. From this day on, education outside of home becomes a part of your daily life.

Your confidence when you boarded the yellow school bus this morning assures me that we've prepared you well for this big day. Your enthusiasm was shining brightly on this cool and rainy August morning as I forced the lump in my throat to stay still and held back the tears welling up in my eyes.

The bus was late and you passed the time by splashing happily in the puddles on the sidewalk. You looked so handsome in your new school clothes and new shoes. Proudly wearing your Cubs' cap and carrying a Spiderman backpack.

I can't believe how quickly these 3 1/2 years have flown by. Pa and I were there the day you were born and we take our role as your grandparents very seriously. We don't know everything and neither will you, but that's OK.

I love that you ask "Why?" repeatedly and hope that you continue to ask questions and have a desire to learn new things.

You will meet new friends at school and there may be people who are different from you. I want you to always practice your patience and tolerance and acceptance. Always smile and be happy.

You will stumble, but remember that you have many people that love you. We will always help you up and we will always encourage you to keep trying.

Be open to learn what this big world has to offer.

God bless you as you begin your new and exciting adventure. May the road ahead always lead you to greater knowledge. May your life bring you happiness, laughter and love.

I love you for always,


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Susan said...

sniff sniff
It all goes by too quickly!

On the other hand, you have a SCHOOLBUS that comes to pick up for preschool!?! SWEET!

I'm just me... said...

He is so cute! He is also too little to go to school! My little one will be starting preschool in a week and a half, I'm not sure I will be able to hold it together like you did.

Unknown said...

awe *sniff*

StaceyC4 said...

That was just way too sweet! It does seem to go by way too fast.

Tiffany said...

Aww that was sweet. But OMG how did you let him ride the bus. There was no WAY I was letting mine ride the bus. Although he wanted too. I'm a big wuss I guess.

Kathy B! said...

I hope he had a great day on his new adventure. Doesn't it just kill you to see them take those first steps toward independence?!

Lola said...

Awww! I hope he had a great time!

Jennifer Suarez said...

Adorable and how exciting!!!

Yay TOF you sure are growing up fast!

Leah said...

how does a 3.5 year old score a ride on the school bus??? LOL Lucky Duck!

I hope all went well!

Dawn said...

Like the others, I'm surprised the bus picks up for preschoolers. That doesn't happen here.

But, I'm all for kids riding the bus! We did it. It's good for them. LOL!

What a sweet, sweet letter you wrote to him. He is so blessed to have such loving grandparents!

Frugal Vicki said...

That is too too sweet. Breaks my heart a little as my husbands parents treat our children differently than their other grandchildren. You are a wonderful grandma!

Vhiel said...

thats really sweet.

I just started following your blog, i hope you can follow mine too!

Jenni said...


I hope he LOVED it!

Kaci said...

Awhhhh cry! XOXO

Unknown said...

That is just the sweetest. You are such a wonderful "Mema!" Such a big boy, riding the bus and all!

And no, I'm not crying or anything... ; )

Stephanie said...

Awwh Super sweet.

AMIT said...

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Anonymous said...

This is such an awesome post!!!

Unknown said...

I remember this from last year! It's so wonderful. Isn't it nice to look back?

Thanks for linking up! :)

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