Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Inspector Dewey by Kristen Heimerl

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this children's book in order to facilitate this post.

Inspector Dewey by Kristen Heimerl and beautifully illustrated by Irene Bofill is a wonderful new children's book narrated by a cat! A talking cat! 

Dewey is a large, fluffy and very lovable feline who lives a mostly peaceful life in a big green house with his family: Thumper, Lily and Anna, their human. Mostly peaceful, because one night a bad guy showed up.

Inspector Dewey is based on a true story! Two years ago an intruder stumbled into her life and Kristen Heimerl turned the unusual event into the plot for her very first book.

Heimerl says: "this book is meaningful to me in so many ways - not least of which is the opportunity to influence an new generation of readers and learners. Picture books transformed my life - they showed me the beauty of illustration and the power of language."

To find out how this adventure turns out you'll have to read the book!

Fifty percent of the profits from the sale of this book will fund veterinary care for pets whose families are in financial need, so that the animals can remain in their homes and out of the shelter system.


To learn more and to purchase your own copy, visit www.inspectordewey.com.

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Unknown said...

Thank you sincerely for taking the time to review Inspector Dewey and share your thoughts. I'm so appreciative and I love, love, love to hear when Dewey is received well because the character (all of my cat characters) are inspired by my most beloved and silly kitty companions. They make me smile every single day and it's so wonderful to be able to share a little of that with others. To you! With gratitude, Kristen

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