Monday, September 21, 2015

Dust Off Your Shelfies #netflix #streamteam September 2015

Disclaimer: As a Netflix Stream Team member I received something of value for sharing this post with you.

Just a little over two years ago, we kicked cable TV to the curb and never looked back. Well . . . sort of. We don't get the very best TV reception here in the boonies and every once in a while when the moon is just right, you can hear Whynot howling about missing a football game. But I stand firm and remind him of all the money we're saving and we're good for another week.

We're both working full time jobs with unusual schedules, so that very infrequent day off together is reserved for doing something fun!

That's where the beauty of Netflix comes in!

In case you missed a few episodes - or maybe full seasons - of great shows, now is the time to dust off your shelfies. 

What’s a shelfie you ask? We all have them – they’re the shows you’ve been wanting to watch but they’ve been sitting on the virtual shelf because . . . well, because who has the time? 

With full-blown fall premiere season upon us you need to know:

Did Olivia kick Fitz to the curb on Scandal? 
Who’s rocking the break room on Grey’s Anatomy? 
Just how long is Rick’s beard now on The Walking Dead?

Need some shelfie suggestions? Check out the great library of fall shows you can stream this month on Netflix.

Once Upon A Time
Once Upon a Time
Gotham: Season 1 (Available 9/21)
The Walking Dead
Walking Dead
The Blacklist: Season 1-2
Grey's Anatomy
Grey s Anatomy
The League: Season 6
The League

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