Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sweet Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine's Day is FRIDAY people! If you're still scratching your head about what to buy, how about a lovely bouquet of candy to let someone know just how sweet they are!

What you'll need:

Fun size candy bars (I used 24)
Bamboo skewers
Packing tape
Red Felt
Tissue paper
Tall vase

I already had some of the supplies at home and you might too. Packing tape, DUH! Plenty of that left over. Red tissue paper was also a left over from Christmas. A 90% off purchase from Hobby Lobby! The vase was one I had purchased at the dollar store for, you guessed it, $1. These are plentiful at Goodwill as well. No need to spend a fortune on vases, just sayin.

So all I needed to purchase was the candy $1.78 for 10 pieces at my favorite big box store, a sheet of red felt 33 cents, and the bamboo skewers 97 cents for 100.

Step 1:

Cut hearts out of the felt. No pattern, just free hand. I don't really cook, so my stove top serves well as a craft making surface ;)

Step 2:

Grab a skewer and shove that baby into your heart . . . umm your felt heart. In the bottom and out the top. BTW I got 9 hearts from that one piece of felt.

Step 3:

Poke one skewer into each piece of candy you're going to use. Like this.

Step 4:

Lay some tissue down and start arranging your candy and hearts in the center, diagonally, staggering them so the height varies, just like a floral arrangement. I did this in layers and used the packing tape to wrap the skewers at the bottom so they'd stay put. Once I got the desired look, I wrapped more packing tape around all the layers. Fold in the corners of the tissue to cover that mess of a tape job you just made.

Step 5:

Scrunch up a few sheets of tissue and shove them in the bottom of the vase. Take your bouquet and add it to the vase, rearrange skewers as needed and presto, you have a sweet surprise for your favorite Valentine for about $10!

I think Whynot is gonna love it and I hope he shares the Reese's with me!

Happy Valentine's Day!
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