Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How Mema Saves the Day or 10 Easy Steps for Stuffed Animal Repair

This weekend we faced a horrible tragedy. TOF's beloved Army Dog was viciously attacked by Grissom, Augie Dawg's big oaf of a dog. The boy was grief stricken to the point of threatening to send Grissom to the Animal Control. Army Dog was grossly disfigured in the attack and TOF was sure he could never be fixed.

Fortunately, this Mema is a highly talented stuffed animal surgeon! Doc McStuffins could take lessons from me.

With the help of some 'Christmas Magic' I was able to repair Army Dog and save the day!

For those times when 'Christmas Magic' won't help, I've included some super easy eye transplant tips below.

  1. Head to your nearest thrift store. Preferably on 1/2 price day.
  2. Proceed directly to the stuffed animal display. DO NOT BE AFRAID! You are immune to germs and disease because this is for a good cause.
  3. Choose a suitable candidate with eyes similar to the one that needs replacing.
  4. If you've planned ahead, the organ removal can be done in the parking lot and the donor animal can be properly buried in the thrift store dumpster. (I did not plan ahead and this step was performed in my driveway.)
  5. After cleaning the eye and removing the little plastic washer behind it, Army Dog was ready for the transplant.
  6. In this case the disfiguring hole was very large, so I started off by stitching it together a bit with matching thread.
  7. I then took the 2 part eye and placed the washer behind a little bit of stuffing to keep it securely in place. I pressed the actual eye on top and snapped it shut.
  8. Next, I tightly stitched the hole closed around and under the replacement eye.
  9. Finally, Army Dog was washed and dried, to remove all dog slobber.
  10. and placed right back where I found him before anyone realized he was gone.
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Stephanie Manner Wagner said...

I see a purple heart in ArmyDog's future!

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