Thursday, December 6, 2012

2nd Annual #InappropriateElf on a Shelf Contest

He's baaaaaack! 

That creepy little mischievous elf we call Tank. 

Oh he's all G-rated fun and games when the boys are here.

But when they head home. . . well let's just say Tank is a wild and crazy guy! 

Last year, we caught Tank trying to hitch a ride back to the North Pole via one of our resident beavers. This was my entry last year in Baby Rabies' first ever Inappropriate Elf on a Shelf Contest and sadly I came in just outside the Top Ten with 207 votes.

My consolation prize was 'meeting' the hilariously talented Bearded Iris, whose name isn't even Iris and she doesn't have a beard! Liar, Liar, pants on fire! J/K . . . a little.

Happy Anniversary, Beautiful! Mazel Tov, Salute, Sláinte and Na Zdrowej all rolled into one!

This year, in keeping with the beaver theme, Tank . . . well just have a look yourself.

So many beavers so little time!

It appears that Tank's French is a little rusty, as he misunderstood the meaning of ménage à trois. Alas, all is well, because if a stuffed beaver is a happy beaver, then three stuffed beavers must be ecstasy. They're grinning from ear to ear and Tank looks quite satisfied as well!

Click that there elf up there to vote for me in Baby Rabies' Second Annual Inappropriate Elf Contest.
I'm entry #65.  

Voting begins December 7th and runs through Dec 18th, you can vote once per day!
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Anonymous said...

YOU'RE ENTRY # 69?!!! DAMMIT, you're good. You definitely have me beat with your flock of beavers. (Bitch.) Respect. Mad respect.

Princess Fingers Glued Together said...

I love this far too much.
L. Hewitt

Unknown said...

It's a sign!

Unknown said...

Thanks from Tank!

Sarah said...


Michelle said...

That is wrong. It is so wrong. And I can't stop giggling. THIS alone is why I can never own an elf on a shelf. Oh the inappropriate things mine would do....

Melisa Wells said...


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