Monday, December 5, 2011

PopCap Games Make Great Gifts

PopCap strikes again, with three irresistible computer games.

About Bookworm Deluxe:

In the spelling puzzle game, Bookworm Deluxe, players form words by connecting available letters from a grid.  As words are formed, they are removed from the grid and additional letters collapse filling the available space.  Players earn more points by creating longer words.  In addition to letters, burning tiles can appear and if not removed quickly, they will reach the bottom of the screen and end the game.

What We Thought:

Whynot and I are both big fans of Scrabble, so this game gets a thumbs up from both of us.  It's a single player game that I thought was great for passing time while TC napped and I procrastinated and shirked off my other responsibilities.  TC is a little young for Bookworm Deluxe, but this is a good game for building spelling skills and exercising your brain for the 7 and up crowd.

Buy Bookworm for $19.95
About Peggle:
Multi award winning Peggle is anything but a casual video game.  In a highly addictive combination of pinball and plinko, players shoot balls through a launcher at the the top of the screen in an attempt to clear out pegs of a certain color.  Each level is increasingly more difficult as the player tries to achieve a high score.

What We Thought:

I love this game and if there is a self help group for Peggle Addicts, please don't tell me about it.  There are no flappers to make the ball bounce back into play, but with some skill it will land in a saucer at the bottom and go back into play.  I'm still working on attaining that skill.

Buy Peggle for $19.95

About Plants vs. Zombies

In this game players place plants in their front yard to prevent zombies from eating the brains of the residents.  By using peashooters, walnut bowling balls, cherry bombs and other weapons, the goal is to destroy the zombies before they reach your front door.

What We Thought:

This was by far TOF's favorite game.  He quickly caught on to what he needed to do to destroy the zombies and although it wasn't exactly an educational video game it does promote hand eye coordination.  The game also has extra modes which can be unlocked as a player progresses through the main mode.

Buy Plants vs. Zombies for $19.95 

Disclaimer:  I was sent codes to unlock the full games at PopCap for the purpose of this review.  I received no other compensation.  All opinions are my own.
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