Friday, May 13, 2011


This year TOF is playing T-ball for the first time ever.  That means practice once a week and games early on Saturday mornings.  It also means that Augie Dawgs needed to volunteer for ten hours in the concession stand.  She did her first stint a few weeks back and then the second session was rained out and rescheduled for yesterday.  Her shift was from 5PM to 9PM and since TC goes to bed around 8 or 8:30 it was decided that the boys would sleepover.

We had a great evening.  Ate takeout pizza for dinner and we would have walked to Mc Donald's for ice cream had TOF not been such a sassy pants.  We played in the yard and took a nice walk.  The boys were both filthy so I gave them tubbies and put their pajamas on.  At 7:30 TC threw himself  into a messy pool of 19mth old tantrum-ness and I carted his limp little body up to bed.  I do love that boy's sleeping habits.

Whynot was watching the Bulls game and TOF is just not a big fan of basketball so he asked if we could go up to my room to watch Cats and Dogs for the seventy eleventh time.  TOF loves sleepovers on The Avenue because it means he gets to sleep with Mema, Pa and the two pups.  So we settled into my bed and watched our movie.  Shortly after it ended he was sound asleep surrounded by his guardian doxies.

Then it started! 

At 12:25AM, TOF managed to flip himself to the foot of the bed upside down and on top of my legs.  I shook Whynot awake and asked him to please move TOF since I couldn't move.  Instead he says very loudly, "TOF, get back up here before you fall off the bed."  A groggy TOF moves back toward the middle of the bed and I try to get comfy again.  Only now, Bella has moved to my pillow.  I guess she thought since I wasn't using it for the moment she could.  Once I got her situated I tried to drift back to sleep.  Unfortunately for the next two hours, TOF's teeth grinding kept me awake.  I think I finally fell asleep around 2:45 only to be awakened by Whynot's alarm at 4:20 ish.

I was s-l-o-w-l-y going through the motions of the morning when TOF decided to wake up for the day at 6:45 and TC followed at a much too early 8AM.

It was definitely a two pots of coffee type of morning here!  TGIF!
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That Janie Girl said...

Oh, girl, I laughed when I read this. I don't have a TOF yet, but those Wonderdogs sure move in when I scoot over or whatever!

Hope you get some rest tonight!

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