Friday, May 20, 2011

My Week at a Glance

Come closer Friday so I can give you a big, fat, juicy, wet kiss.  Oh how I have missed your sweet caress.  Seven days is far too long to be apart.  I'm thinking of doing away with Thursday just so that we don't have to be away from each for so long.  Hold me closer.


Oh, Hi.

I'm so embarrassed, I didn't realize anyone else was here.

Friday go take a cold shower, this is a family blog.  I'll see you a little bit later.  Mwah.

Again, I apologize, I don't usually act like that.  Not a fan of PDA.  Forgive me?

So this week was pretty exciting and it's not over yet!
Sunday, was wet and so cold.  But Augie Dawgs, the boys and I had a great time at a performance of Dot & Ziggy at the Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago.  It was an interactive play about a lady bug and a skunk who learn that despite their differences, they can still be good friends.  It's geared towards very young audiences and we didn't have to worry if TC squirmed a bit too much or didn't want to sit down.  In fact the boy was so comfortable he sat right down on the floor mat and took his shoes and socks off.

Dot & Ziggy runs through June 26th.  Tickets are priced at $16 on weekdays and $18 on weekends; use the code MOMDZ to save$2 off tickets throughout the run.

Thank you Kim at MomImpact for providing us with complimentary tickets!

Monday-what did I do Monday?  OK so maybe Monday wasn't very exciting.

But Tuesday!  Tuesday was another fun day!  A few of my bloggy pals and I attended a VIP Moms Party for the grand re-opening at The Denim Lounge in Roscoe Village.  It was a great night spent mingling with other bloggers and getting pampered with complimentary manicures from Head 2 Toe Mobile Spa.

Photo by Edenhurst Studio

Motivational speaker and president of Insight Track, Sylvia Friedman was there providing handwriting analysis.  Although I won't go in to details about exactly what she said to me, I will say that I tried really hard not to let my jaw drop when she started speaking.  DEAD.  ON.

No awesome blogger event would be complete without amazing food and drinks which included a wine tasting from LUSH, Robey Pizza, cupcakes courtesy of Sprinkles and goodies from the newly-opened Real Naked Food.

Thank you again Caitlin and Sarah of 2 Moms Media for putting together such an enjoyable evening.

The activities are far from over, as we have a very busy Saturday coming up.  I'm attending the SELF Magazine Workout in the Park and hoping to meet Alison Sweeney who's making a special guest appearance.

I received a ticket from One2One Network to attend the event.

Finally, as the winner of a prize package from Raging Waves Waterpark, we're heading to an event at Medieval Times Saturday night.  I've never been and we're all looking forward to it!

What are you plans this weekend?  Hope it's spectacular!

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Cranberry Morning said...

Well, putting potato seeds under a pile of dirt in the garden doesn't quite compare with your weekend coming up. :-) Sounds like you had an awesome week! A good reason to be giddy, for sure! ;-)

Unknown said...

I actually have no plans for the weekend. Which rather bites. But you go. Have fun. Tell me all about it when you get back.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun week. Mine since moving from MD are not so packed with activities yet. Hopefully soon!

This past weekend, Saturday was a hang around the house and NOTHING all day sort of day. Bliss. Sunday, I had my father over to call and speak with my Babcia, his mother, on the phone for an hour. I love talking to her. I always am left wishing I lived close to her when I hang up the phone.

Na razie!

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